Blade & Soul Revolution, Pair Inspection Class Preview

‘Blade & Soul Revolution’ is a MMORPG that implements the popular PC game ‘Blade & Soul’ on mobile. The content of Blade & Soul Revolution, which is different from the original work, is a large -scale open field competition based on competition between power, and various elements that can lead to conflict, competition, and cooperation between power, and the community sensibility of MMORPG is felt by placing various elements throughout the game. I made it possible.

Beginners Class Guide - Blade & Soul Revolution

◆ Two blades that overturn the situation, new job ‘double test’

The new job, “Psalm,” which is added through the April update, is a close job that uses two swords, featuring a gorgeous and fast attack. The ‘pair test’, which can be created by selecting the true and priests, holds the object that pursues the object, and uses it to enter the center of the battlefield where many enemies are gathered, continue the attack, or exit other enemies. Strategic play of it is possible.

In addition, ‘Super senses’, which can be obtained only by the double test, has the effect of increasing the damage given to the enemy for a certain period of time, and the ‘Reminance’, which is a martial arts, is a martial arts. It can be obtained through. In addition, because it is possible to use it according to the situation because it is possible, the instantaneous judgment of the users is important, so it is expected to feel the thrill and hand of strong combat unlike the existing jobs. The twin prosecutors will also be able to easily enjoy users who have grown other jobs through job change rights.

◆ Added a new server ‘planting game’, ‘Jumping character’ generation event progression

In the new server ‘Planting Day’, which is added during the double test update, the ‘Jumping Character’ generation event, which can start at the Hongmun level 20 level, provides the core fun of to experience the dungeons and forces battles, which are the core fun of . I will do it. In addition to the Hongmun level 20 level, users who started as a jumping character can start with a certain level of contributions and illustrations, including martial arts, inner balls, and Hongmun new holes, and a dedicated guide event to obtain abundant rewards.

From this event, the inconvenience of the existing jumping character creation event will also be improved. It is expected to be.

◆ Collect legendary compensation and provide ‘double prosecutor special legend box’

There are also special rewards for all users who enjoy Blade & Soul. In particular, the ‘double inspection special legend box’, which can be purchased with 100 silver paintings at the store, provides carnation flowers that improve the amount of combat experience as well as purchases, and the legendary guardian selection box according to the ‘condition’ value consumed through play From the Legendary Guardian Spirit Selection Box, Legend Jewelry Box, and Legendary Public Affairs, they offer useful and valuable items. It is expected that users can achieve rapid growth by achieving valuable rewards even if they achieve easy missions.

◆ Celebrating the joining of the twin tests ‘Laonseong -do of night night

In commemoration of the joining of the pair, there will also be a “Night Raonseong -do” campaign event, where you can earn abundant rewards. It is an event field with the concept of defending the saints from the bad ships that confuse the Laonseongdo during the night, and can only be used for a certain event and can only be used during the weekly limit. If this is above, it consists of only one difficulty that can be entered.

The user can use the event essence acquired by playing Laonseong -do of the night to strengthen the event Hongmun truth, which can show special abilities not only in general stats but also in the night of night. In addition, if you collect ‘Laonseongdo’ coins, which can be killed by killing and acquiring monsters in the field, you can exchange the legendary grade guardian orders in the dedicated store and exchange materials required for new costumes and other materials for other growth. If you complete the special event mission, you can also obtain a variety of valuable rewards, including three legendary ornaments and one legendary weapon box.

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