Nintendo Switch: 20 tricks to know to make the most of your console

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile console that allows all generations of players, whether they are small or large, to enjoy their favorite games on small or large screen, in the sofa or train. However, despite its simplified aspect, the Nintendo console contains some very little helpful secrets. We will explain everything to you !


Lanintendo Switch and its innovative concept joined families from around the world in March 2017, and since then, the console has elapsed more than 100 million copies . Practical to play alone, with friends, and even in transport, The different ways of playing make the machine Denintendo accessible for all and all , just like the customization of the controllers that offer more maneuverability to the younger and the people with disabilities. Over the years, many updates have enhanced its system, add options to strengthen its ease of use, but also to enjoy the games offered . The greatest regulars of the Nintendo console have probably already heard about most of the features we are going to introduce, but some are quite hidden, So maybe you will find your happiness in our 20 tips to enjoy Most of the Nintendo Switch:

Switch the user selection screen

If you are the only user of your Nintendo Switch console, there is a good chance that you were tired of the user selection screen. Indeed, even if there is only one profile On the console, it systematically asks you who you are when you want to start a game. Even if it is not a loss of considerable time, The process would be much more fluid without this screen.

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of it. To disable this screen, go to the console settings , and then in users . The Enter the selection screen will be displayed, if only created one profile on the console . You only have to activate this option, and the turn is played! You may no longer succumb to an identity crisis because of your console.

Synchronize your switch and your TV

Nowadays, the elements to improve videoludic experience multiply, and remote controls too . Between the decoder, the television, the soundbar, the Blu-ray player that takes dust and who knows, maybe even a straight VCR released from the 80s, we do not risk running out remote controls. What can be problematic when you live on several and that ** someone * never puts that of the TV in the right place.

Even if we can not help you with this particular problem, we can offer you an alternative solution: Synchronize your console with your TV so that both light up and go out at the same time . To activate the synchronization, go to the Settings of the console , and then in TV output . Select the ignition TV / synchronized console option and activate it. In this way, simply pass the Nintendo Switch in TV mode to turn on your TV, and turn off your TV will put your idle console. Note, however, that synchronization does not work with all television, and that depends on their HDMI settings.

Connect your console to a helmet via the Bluetooth

Since * Update 13.0 from the Nintendo Switch, it is now possible to connect a headset or wireless headphones to your console through the Bluetooth function. To connect an audio device, go to the parameters of the console , and then in Bluetooth audio . Choose Add device and select the one you want to link to your console. Now that you no longer need remote control or wired headset, nothing will stop you.

Note however that you can only connect two devices to your console, and you can only use audio devices, not microphones.

Associate your Joy Console at your console in the blink of an eye

Associate a Joy Con at the Nintendo Switch is not a particularly difficult test, since it is enough to go through the associated menu of the switch and follow the instructions on the screen, but know that it exists A much simpler way of proceeding. For the classic and OLED switch, you just have to attach your joy con to the console and wait a few seconds for it to be recognized **. You can repeat the operation as many times as necessary, and you will only have to choose order in the associated settings.

If you want to connect a Nintendo Switch Pro joystick quickly, Just plug it on the console through a USB cable when it is in TV mode . You will only have to press the spray to associate it with the console.

Associate your Joy Cons with other devices via Bluetooth

Did you know that your Joy Cons can connect to other devices than your Nintendo Switch? In addition to your console, it is possible to use the Bluetooth to connect to your computer, tablet, and / or cellph1. In the case of the PC, you must go to the parameters Bluetooth & other devices , where you can add a new Bluetooth device. You must then press the joy con until the connection succeeds . For the tablet and the mobile phone, the principle is the same: Find the menu to add devices in Bluetooth, and stay on the joy con. Synchronization button **

Change the buttons configuration for more comfort

Have you ever tried a game on the switch whose orders seemed to you anything but intuitive? Or you have a disability that makes the use of certain painful buttons or impossible? Know that it is quite possible to change the assignment of your console keys to match your needs, and it is even possible to play only with a single joy con **.

To configure the keys on your console, go to the Console Settings , and then in Controllers & Sensors . Choose the Change button configuration and change the assignment of the keys as you please.

Find a lost jewel easily

If you have several pairs of Joy Cons, You may have already lost one or two . They hide under a bed or in a bag after taking them to a friend for an evening on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and / or Super Mario Party, locate such a small object is not always easy. Fortunately, the switch has a function to find them!

To find it, appointment in the menu controllers of your console, right of The album . Choose the option Search for controllers , and you will be able to vibrate your missing joy-con. Note Cepedant that you must have linked it to the console beforehand to use this function , and you will not be able to vibrate if it has no more battery.

Learn to better manage the storage space

Most of Nintendo Switch’s accustomed have probably invested in a MicroSD card to enlarge their game library, and here’s how to enjoy it. In the Console Settings , go to the Data Management tab . You will find information about the free space of the switch and the microSD, including an option for Move data between the console and the microSD card , and so use your secondary storage method.

But be aware that there is another way to make room on your console, especially if you can not afford to pay you a large capacity SD card. Always in data management , you will find the option Fast Archiving . This feature allows you to archive programs that you do not use or uninstall them, reducing the size of these files considerably.

Transfer your photos to your phone and your PC

With your Nintendo Switch, you can press the capture button anytime to immortalize a moment with a game . These images are then found in The album , and you can go through there to share them directly on Twitter. Know that you can also transfer them directly to your phone , as long as it has a camera. To do this, go to The album , choose the image you want to transfer, and select Publish or Edit . From there, choose the option Send on a smartphone and if you want to send one or more catches (up to 10), and follow the instructions below:

  • Connect your mobile phone to Internet and activate Location .
  • Scan QR code from the switch with your phone, and connect to the network it detects.
  • Scan the second QR code , and a page will open on your phone.
  • Save the pictures one to one, and the turn is played!

You can repeat this process as many times as you want, but transfer your captures directly to your computer could save you time. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Rendez-vous in the parameters of the console and then in data management .
  • Select Management of screenshots and videos .
  • Connect your console to your computer with a USB cable, and choose Copy to a computer via the USB connection.

You just have to copy the captures you want and paste them directly on your computer!

Record the last 30 seconds of video game

Maybe you did not know, but it is also possible to capture videos on Nintendo Switch . To do this, simply stay on the capture button for a minimum of 2 seconds . In this way, you can capture the last few seconds of gameplay of your game. Know that you can get * a capture of up to 30 seconds by pressing the capture button during this same time. You can find all your video captures with your photos in The album .

Find a user with whom you played online

If you are used to playing games of cooperation and / or competition like Fortnite, Overwatch or Splatoon 2, You may have fallen on a player who impressed you and with whom feeling is very well, and you would like to replay with him . Thanks to a specific function of the Nintendo Switch, it is quite possible. To find a person with whom you have played recently, start by going to your profile . Go down to Adding friend , and you will find an option for Search a user with whom you played . You will then have access to a list of people who have played with you, with the date and game you have encountered!

This option is also useful if you had a bad experience with a player since you can go through this list to block and so avoid falling back on it.

Enable and use the console zoom

In general, the Switch Games adapt on the screen so that you can read the text without problem, but it can happen that it is not enough . To overcome this problem, there is a zoom function that, as its name suggests, allows you to zoom away as soon as you feel the need by pressing the Home home . To activate this feature, go to the Console Settings and then in Console . You only have to scroller to find the zoom option and activate it!

Show the settings of the console without leaving your game

If you mainly use your Nintendo Switch in portable mode, this feature is for you. Imagine: it’s the end of the evening and you are well installed in your bed with your console, but the brightness of the screen Begins to sting a little eyes. Only now, you have not finished your session yet, and you have the lazy to return to the Home screen to change the display settings . Good news ! You can simply stay on the Home button for 2 seconds to bring up a quick menu to the right side of the screen, where you can change the brightness , volume , activate or Disable Fashion Aircraft and even put your console in Standby !

10 Nintendo Switch (and Switch Lite) Tips for New Owners

Note that you can do the same in TV mode, but you will only have access to standby.

Consult the battery level at any time

If you are used to playing in TV mode, you probably never encountered this problem, but players who use their Nintendo Switch mainly in a nomady way know it well: Low battery indicator . By default, the battery icon is not visible on the screen when you play, and the console just warns you when it reaches 15% then 5% . If you would like to know the battery percentage that you have before these alerts, there are three solutions:

  • Tap the battery icon and the percentage will be displayed above.
  • If you do not want to touch your screen, Press ZL and ZR at the same time to display the percentage.
  • Do you want to see your battery level without having to handle? For that, you have to go to Settings of the console , and then in Console , and finally enable the Battery of the Console (%) .

You can also display the battery level without leaving your game by pressing Home for 2 seconds, as explained just above.

Optimize your battery consumption

Time flies when you have fun, and especially when we explore open worlds like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Unfortunately, who says open world, says big battery consumption, which can reduce the game sessions in portable two or three hours maximum. To level this problem and maximize the use of your battery, we have Prepared some tips:

  • Use the classic black theme to save battery on the brightness. To change theme, go to the parameters of the console , then in themes **.
  • Remember to activate Fashion Aircraft when you play games that do not necessarily ask for internet connection. All wireless connections will be deactivated, including Bluetooth.
    • If you want to play with the joy-con grip or the PRO controller, you can configure the Mode Aircraft in the Console Settings to access the Bluetooth features.
  • Shut up Standby in Console Settings .

With all that, you should be able to scratch a few minutes before the battery is caught at a critical level.

Use the Wish List of the Nintendo Eshop

Steam users are probably the first to boast the merits of the wishlist, and those who spend some time on the Nintendo Eshop are likely of the same opinion . Even though the ESHOP search engine has evolved greatly since the console exit, know that it is also possible to add games to your wish list to view them quickly . You can do it as well from the official Nintendo website that since your switch, simply follow the following instructions:

  • On the Nintendo website, find the game that interests you and click Add to your wishlist .
  • On the eshop of your switch , find the game that interests you and press The heart-shaped icon .

To view your wish list and See all the promotions on the titles you wait , you can go to the appropriate tab at the top right of the Nintendo web page, or since the Eshop of the console by going to your profile at the top right and selecting the Wish List .

Change region to access the eShop of another country

Far is the time when the games were functional only in specific areas, because with the Nintendo Switch, no matter the original area of the cartridge, the game will operate on your console . Unfortunately, it is not necessarily the case for DLCs of securities that are not released in France, since they are dependent on the region associated with the game in question . By default, the Switch adopts the Nintendo Account Bound, , but it is quite possible to change it to access more games (and DLCS) . To do this, there are several cases:

  • You want to have access to other games without changing the information related to your Nintendo account.
    • Create a new account on the console and associate it with the region of your choice among those proposed by Nintendo: Japan, America, Europe, Australia / New Zealand, Hong Kong / Taiwan / South Korea.
  • You change the region and want to change the information related to your Nintendo ** account.
    • Change The basic region of your console from the main account. Attention, if you do this on the main account, the Nintendo account region will also change and its balance will unfortunately not be transferred to the new region . Do not use this method if you are moving or spend your money before making the transfer.

Once you have chosen your way of proceeding, go into the parameters of the console , and then in Console . Go down to section Region and choose the one you want.

Know how long you have spent on your favorite game

If you have a Nintendo Switch for a long time, you have surely spent a pair of hours playing , especially if you are plunged into games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing : New Horizons or Hades. And if you have already wondered how long you have dedicated these games, know that there is a simple way to know it! To do this, just go to your profile . On the right, you will find the list of titles you played as well as the number of game hours for each of them.

If you do not want this information to be public, you can go to user settings and edit game history settings as you hear.

Limit the playing time on the Nintendo Switch with parental control

If you are a parent or you just like to do not see the time pass when you play, you will be happy to learn that it is possible to configure the Nintendo Switch to limit the game time automatically . To do this, you will need the associated mobile app, Parental Control Nintendo Switch , available on Android and iOS:

  • Parental Control Nintendo Switch on Android.
  • Parental Control Nintendo Switch on iOS.

Since this application, You have only to choose the options that suit you , and if you have just lost your password despite the secret issue, know that you can reset it directly to the official Nintendo website..

Making music with the screen of your Nintendo Switch

At this point, you probably know the process to unscrew the switch by heart. But did you know that each button emits a different sound, and it is the same if you touch the screen? Indeed, depending on where you press, the length and strength of the pressure, You will be able to perform different noises and maybe even dial small melodies. For example, if you press the left joystick, you will get a spring noise , while if you snap zr You will be entitled to a trumpet sound . Try different combinations and become the MOZART of the switch!


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