The Sonic Origins leakage could insinuate the announcement of the release date

Last year, Sega revealed orínes sonic, a compilation of four of the first Games of Blue Blur. Unfortunately, the publisher has not offered a lot of information in recent months, which leads some fanatics to believe that it could have been canceled in silence. However, a recently discovered pair of filtrations could imply an announcement of an imminent release date. According to the Tank Canal website, the game has been classified in South Korea. The website also shared an image for sonic_origes that apparently went up to the PlayStation servers. The site affirms that it is an existing promotional work of art, but it seems that it could also be used as a cover art.

A TAILS channel tweet with promotional art can be found embedded below.

_ Sonic Origins_ will have sonic the hedge, Sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 and nudillos and cd sonic, and will be launched at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. While some of these games have been offered earlier on those platforms, not all are available in one place, and the collection should be an excellent way for the new Sonic fanatics to experience some of the most beloved games of the series. It is surprising that _ sonicorites_ was not available before the premiere in the cinemas of sonic the hedgehog 2 but there are many other great Sonic games available on the current platforms.

It would make a lot of sense that Sega will launch orínes sonic at some point in the coming months. It would not only help the company capitalize the paramount film, but it would also give the collection a distance from the launch of sonic launch_ the next great Sonic Team game. _ Sonic trusses_ currently do not have a launch date, but it is expected to reach at the end of 2022. There is a lot of anticipation around _ sonic-arrows, and Sega probably would not want to throw the two games too close from each other. Hopefully, these leaks mean an official announcement about sonic_origes_ soon!

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