Streamer Asmongold wants to stop twitch forever

Many know him, some love him: the extremely popular Twitch Streamer Asmongold. The Twitch Star has long been in business and during his career Asmongold put a few breaks due to health problems. For example, he was offline between the years 2019 and 2020 for more than 100 days.

Both shorter as well as a few longer pauses followed in the coming years, and now Asmongold explained in a recent stream that he will simply hang the stream on the nail at a renewed longer pause.

_ “I do not take a break. I think if I put a break again, I’ll just listen. The next pause will probably be the end. If I have a break again, I’ll probably stop forever. That’s my Plan.”_

_ “If I’m a break again, I stop. Unless it is a crazy health thing or whatever. Because it would be obviously four or five times at this time and it is clearly unhealthy for me.” _

“I’ve tried different ways to deal with these things. So if it remains so stressful, I have to solve myself and do something else with my life. Because I would ruin my life at this point.”

So it should come to the fact that Asmongold wants to take some distance from the stream again, he will probably no longer return to Twitch. However, the streamer does not intend at least at the moment to stop streaming.

If it occurs sometime that ASMONDOLD is passed for the last time, the Twitch Star will definitely leave a certain gap. Whether you’re a fan of its content, or not, Asmongold is currently one of the largest and most popular streamer on Twitch, and can almost every day inspire an audience of thousands of people for themselves.

Asmongold on Quitting Streaming

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