Halo Infinite: Battle Royale Mode for two years in work loud rumor

Certain Affinity is known to act as a developer studio in the preparation of additional content and modes to play the Halo series support.
For some time there is the rumor that you also develop a Battle Royale mode for Halo Infinite.
According to the latest information from Windows Central Editor Jez Corden, the project name is “Tatanka” for this mode.

New Halo - Last Spartan Standing Battle Royale | New Studio Partnership #Xbox #HaloInfinite #Gaming
For more than two years, you should work on Battle Royale mode, from which one hopes that he leads new players to the halo franchise.
In the mode, which should have the extent of a Call of Duty: Warzone, you want to invest a lot.
Corden according to the mode in Season 3 or 4 of Halo Infinite could be introduced.
Season 2: Lone Wolves starts in Halo Infinite on 03 May.

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