Karim Benzema Voting: Who should become world soccer now?

What a magnificent performance has conjured Karim Benzema at the FC Chelsea in the square! With his triple pack, the Frenchman has cracked the trademark of 80 hits in the Champions League and is currently unstoppable. Is he even a worthy world footballer for you?

“Big Ben! Benzemas Real Madrid crushes the champion” (Marca), “Gala of Madrid at the Stamford Bridge with a Hattrick of the French, who is also the king in Europe” (AS) or “Hat off, Benzema!” (L’Equipe) – The press overlooked after another fable performance of Sturmroutinier Benzema at the Stamford Bridge.

In 36 of the season games, Benzema is 37 hits (and 13 templates), after the three-pack in the eighth final return match against Paris, he met again triple. Lastly, Robert Lewandowski was not even able to keep up with Freiburg without gate without a goal and the 0-1 defeat in Villarreal did not dwell.

Real Madrid has looked 'one-dimensional' without Karim Benzema - Stewart Robson | ESPN FC

We want to know of you: Who is your world footballer for now? Benzema, Lewandowski or an attacker from Egypt?

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