Half of food values are fee?.

When a self-employee is a delivery of the delivery of the delivery (refugee), when the delivery service of the delivery service distributor (1) is sold for half of the order amount, If you apply a recent reorganized plan, the return return to the company is a small claim.


According to the 8th delivery industry, elegant craftsmanships have completed a promotional plan for the use of a delivery service for the use of the delivery service for a delivery service distributor for a house, and released a new plan. Promotional period points delivered to 1,000 won, delivery fee 5,000 won. The new plan is based on 6.8% of medium and delivery costs, including delivery tips.

The day after the day, when the trauma was sold at a minimum of 10,000 won at the village, he reported that it imposes a fee to 4700 won. In this way, the elegant groups are different from the facts. According to the plan, the fee sales of elegant ones is 680 won. The delivery cost of the delivery cost between the visual and consumers is the cost of entering the delivery process, not company benefits.

In addition, the company has explained that the trauma can define the direct delivery cost. Compared to delivery agencies that have been fixed by a globe, we are talking about flexible decisions in accordance with the expiration of the expiration of the Delivery 1 in Paragraph 1.

Elegant criminals were not a general case to order 10,000 won food from delivery. The company said, “Even if the order amount is 30,000 won, and 40,000 won, the delivery costs that the customer and the viscosity are buried at all,” he said.

In addition, “Baekmin Won said,” the average 24-minute service to deliver to delivery, “said” 6.8% of mediation fee, “said the brokerage fee, which is set to 6.8%, is a reasonable rate that is difficult to find the case in the industry.”

“In the future, we will do our best to make everything that can be satisfied, customers, and distributions (riders),” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said.

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