Tina WonderlandsCast: #591 mit Leak zu Dragonflight, Patch 9.2.5, World First Race & mehr

The World First Race in Wow is now eaten after a long duration, which is why SEB and Matze in the Tina WonderlandsCast 591 with a look at the whole thing dedicated: How chaotic was that please? Can this go so much to the substance again, * That whole professional guilds get burnout? * And are the new RAIDs easy to stick hard?

Apart from that, it was also coming content. Why do not get dark iron dwarf and blood solving own quest series in patch 9.2.5? How well has the preliminary end of Sylvanas been written? And how could season 4 old Raids revive ? So that it is not too monothematic, SEB and Matze can be made at the end over the strengths and weaknesses of the Loot Shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

buffedCast: #591 mit Leak zu Dragonflight, Patch 9.2.5, World First Race & mehr

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Tina Wonderlandscast # 591

00:00:00 Welcome and World First Race
00:13:08 Sylvanas’ condemnation
00:17:51 Leak of the new extension
00:23:10 Patch 9.2.5, Lore Snipel and Season 4
00:44:47 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Strengths and weaknesses

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