Warzone ranking mode not in the “immediate plans” by Raven Software

Raven Software just Saved Warzone
In the eyes of many competitive Battle-Royale gamers, Call of Duty Warzone needs a ranking mode. Iron Trials modes have given us a glimpse of what a competitive rule rate for Warzone could look like, but the game still has no special ranking mode in which player can compete against each other every season – and it looks like we would not get any Soon soon.

Ted Timmins, Senior Creative Director of Raven Software, became the invited live streams the creators of Warzone content, the Baka Bros, ask questions about the current state of Battle Royale. During his one-hour barbecue through the streamer, the topic of a dedicated Warzone ranking mode appeared soon. While Timmins admits that a ranking mode is something he “wants to play,” he says that the chances of being added to the game soon.

“We have no immediate plans for a placement in Warzone in the upcoming seasons,” he says, “but it stays at the top of our priority list when we look to the future.”

While Raven software has mediated this feeling in the past, it will be a disappointment for some fans to hear that his attitude has not changed since the last update.

The fact that Timmins would like to see a ranking mode in Warzone and this is still considered a “high priority”, could suggest that we see ranking games to his planned continuation Warzone 2.

On some occasions during the LiveStream, Timmins repeatedly repeated that the current version of Warzone has technical restrictions – such. B. File Sizes – when it comes to how much content can be crammed in it, which is the reason why we have fully seen Verdansk replaced by Caldera instead of keeping both cards in the game or switching between them. It is likely that these restrictions prevent raven from implementing ranking games in Warzone.

While this could be a beat for competition players, Timmins at least that Raven is interested in bringing back Iron Trials (probably in relation to future seasons, as Rebirth Iron Trials playlists are satisfied later this month) and with the way It was obtained from the Warzone community.

While you should not stop the breath for a ranking list mode in Warzone, you can probably be quiet that a form of ranking game will either appear at the end of the life of the life zone or in Warzone 2 when it is released. In the meantime, improve your skills with the best Warzone weapons.

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