Wow-grandma celebrates his 80th birthday for 13 days on Twitch

Instead of only one day, WoWgrandma78 has celebrated since hundreds of hours with hundreds of spectators in Azeroth.

Subathon – this is not a Doom metal band from Norway, but refers to a twitch event in which a streamer or a streamer remains live for so long until no new subscriptions are added to extend a countdown. Some people organize such a subath, if they are about to reach a new milestone in terms of their subscription numbers. In the case of Wowgrandma78, however, it’s about something more personal: her round birthday.

The lady from Yuma, Arizona was 80 years old on March 17. Now she could only celebrate her honorary day with her big family (six children, nine grandchildren, five large children) with coffee and cake, but no: instead, she has been living on Twitch for more than 13 days now on Twitch and pokes her favorite game World of Warcraft in which she has been traveling for 16 years. And while she heals her comrades in Dungeons and Raids as recovery druids, she sits in the Murloc-Hoodie in front of the camera and mermines the typical according to the amphibious, annoying beings from Azeroth. In between, she also makes a break from gambling and plays a little on the piano.

Of course, Wowgrandma78 does not sit 24 hours a day in front of the camera. Nobody has to worry that the senior is tired. The nights bridges them in the stream with a slideshow consisting of photos from their lives: starting with their birth and reaching to the present, with associated information of her in text form.

she thought her stream was off...
To see how someone is on a platform with such a passion on a platform that is dominated by the young generation (both on the pages of the streamers and spectators), lets us take the heart. It proves that this whole video game bubble is just not limited to the people who grew up with the medium, but has long been playing a role in all age coatings.

Finally, we only have to say: Happy Birthday (later), Wowgrandma78! We wish you that you can give you a lot of other years of your community with WoW-Livestream’s joy and the viewers give them the same.

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