Imminent arrival of the Final Fantasy XIV update 6.1

This Friday was held the 70th (already!) Live in LIVE FINAL FANTASY XIV , always driven by the producer and director of the game Naoki Yoshida and his faithful Acolyte Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi. Since the 6.1 update will be available very soon, we were entitled to an epic trailer accompanied by an output date. The 6.1 update will be available on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Patch Trailer 6.1

The main purpose of this Live letter was to confirm (in video) some aspects of the update 6.1 already announced, with some additional details. The official website of the update 6.1 has also been updated.

New Epic Quests

_ “You traveled to the confines of the universe to put an end to the very source of the Apocalypse. Back in your world, your friends decided to dissolve the heirs of the seventh dawn, and to leave each of their On the pursuit of new goals. After a well deserved rest, you decide to take back your adventurer coat and investigate the clues that an old friend has left you. “_

“Newfound Adventure” will open a new chapter for the warrior of light. What threats will be at the rendezvous of this new adventure? A new dungeon will be present in this epic 6.1 , and it can be done with allied NPCs. It is also during this epic that you will unlock * Access to Compendium **, kind of internal wiki to the game that will contain the key terms and characters of the game. The Compendium will be updated automatically as and when of your adventures.

New Series of Alliance Raids: The Erzean Myth (Part 1)

_ “At the request of the pupils of Baldesion, you go to meet an explorer affirming having discovered a legendary world. This is the starting point for an investigation that will lead you to the trace of the twelve, the gods omnipresent in the history and culture of the Eorateans but you finally do not know much… Get ready to live an adventure rich in emotions that will depend on the destiny of the planet! “_

This new instance for 24 players in alliance is the first part of a brand new series of raids named “The Earzian Myth: Divine Domain – Aglaé”. It will bring a big lightening on the “twelve”, these mysterious eorzean gods that have intended to talk about the beginning of Final Fantasy XIV and which we do not know much in the end. Are they benevolent or bellicose? It will be necessary to open your eyes because Yoshida-san has already announced that this raid would be rich in mechanics. For the first two bosses, it will be possible to fall into the void (we know you love that). And for the third, Yoshida-san announces that players can finish burned!

Small overview of the equipment of this new RAID:

new residential area

_ “Thanks to the many adventurers who contributed to the reconstruction of Azurer, the Holy Cité is pleased to announce the opening of its all new residential district named empyreous! Another new and not least: the land will be able this time Be won via draws! If you have been dreaming of a typical stone accommodation of the sublime Ishgardian architecture, do not hesitate to participate! “_

It is with Maj 6.1 that the grounds of the new residential district of Ishgard will be available for purchase. But unlike before, the acquisition of the land is now subjected to a sales order system during predefined periods of dates: 4 days to register for the lottery and 5 days to validate its gain. The amount of the purchase must be advanced at the time of enrollment in the lottery (remember to refund if you do not win the ground). In addition, each land will be available either for free companies or for players. There will be a few more land for sale for CLs only for Players in Ishgard. For more information on this new item Lodestone item is online.

Also note that this lottery system will also apply to the land of other residential neighborhoods, if a house has just broken away.

New Challenge: Final Responses (Extreme)

Here is the extreme version of an extension 6.0 challenge. The players will have the opportunity to face a new version of the fight against the shatter of the annihilation with a difficulty greatly enhanced. Good luck to the reckings! Each victory will bring you two totems, and ten totems make it possible to buy a weapon (if the gods of the loot are not with you). The most patients will be able to keep them warm for the distant but certain day when the mount will be offered to the exchange.

As you can see on the pictures, it is of course possible to fall into a vacuum!

redesign of the instances of “ a realm reborn ” and new system of reinforcements

_ “The dungeons and challenges of the epic of A Realm Reborn (only those of the 2.0) have been reworked, and a brand new system of reinforcements has been added, allowing players to go to the assault of the dungeons in the company Allied NPCs. So you can now follow the whole story ensolo if the heart tells you! _

In order to unify things, to be more in line with what it is now in the game, and to erase some “shells” from gameplay from the beginning, the dungeons and challenges of a realm reborn (2.0) have been modified by the development team. Thus the “famous” instance Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium have been particularly modified (with bosses that are moved out of this last instance and become challenges). Other 2.0 dungeons were also modified slightly as graphically and at the gameplay level. Instances 2.x and those of Heavensward will be reworked later.

These reworking also can be able to do these solo instances with allied “reinforcement” NPCs. The reinforcement menu will allow you to select the dungeon you want to do, and will assign three NPCs automatically depending on your current job. For dungeons of Shadowbringers and Endwalker, an arrow at the bottom of the menu will let you choose the heirs to take on your team. The already existing system called Adopté will no longer be amended by leading the NPCs after the epic (Shadowbringers and Endwalker).

Character card (beta version)

This novelty of the update 6.1 does not pay mine at first, but it could get fifter to the players who are fans of the Final Fantasy XIV “Photo Fashion”.

Players will not only change the style of the card (borders, background and frame) but also the portrait of their character with different settings (brightness, animation, positioning of his character and more). Up to 100 portraits (20 to 6.1 and 100 to 6.15) may be recorded. By creating a character profile this will allow the player to display Moults information such as his job and his favorite title, as well as his preferences for activities and play schedule. As for mirage planks, a profile of Different character can be associated with each job in the saved outfits window. Some personalization options are disroveled after doing such content or quest or have got a high-fact, veteran players will certainly have many options from the start. In addition, it will be possible to choose who can see your card: everyone, friends only or person. Other permissions could be added later as for example visible to members of his cl, but for the time being only these three.

These cards will be launched in beta version, and developers are waiting for returns from players to improve the system.

New JCJ mode: “Crystallline Conflict”

“In Crystalline Conflict, the new military training scenario imagined by the Eorate Alliance, the reduced workforce facions engage in fierce territory battles. It is not just about defeating the opposing team, but of Route a single key resource, the tactical crystal, up to the goal; all in various decorations, fruits of a high-voltage illusionism. To arms, fighters, the victory is at the end of the road! “

With the disappearance of The Feast, players had to be offered another JCJ activity. Thus is offered the “Crystalline Conflict” in a small team (5VS5) and will include a unpublished reward system and new seasons.

The purpose of this new mode is to take control of a crystal initially located in the center of the map, and take it at the end of the opposing camp. The matches will be fast because the time limit is 5 minutes (more extensions). If none of the teams reached the goal in the time allotted, then it is the team that went the furthest that wins the game. A bar at the top of the screen indicates the remaining time, the current position of the crystal and the maximum progression of each team.

At the beginning of the match and for a few seconds, the crystal will be chained. Then, since there is only one or more player (s) of the same team in the circle under the crystal (and no one of the opposing team), it will advance along the arena towards the goal of the opposing camp. There are also _checkpoints along the road, and when the crystal reaches one of them, it will again chained a few seconds. Each K.o sugran increases the time you need to resurrect.

At the level of the actions, each Job will have actions dedicated to the JCJ and a clean transcendence. Developers have done the most to maintain the uniqueness of each job in the actions. As Crystalline Conflict has no role in the teams, all jobs will have actions of care, defense and damage. During the demonstration, the producer demonstrated an instantaneous and no recharge action but who consumes Mana, a defense bubble that reduces the damage of 90% but prevents the player from using any other action, and an action that restores mana but with a time of incantation of several seconds. Another novelty, it is possible to sprinter at will! The sprint will be dissipated when you use an action.

We thank the development team that remained late (it was more almost 23h in Japan at this time of the live) to offer this demonstration to the players!

In addition to this new mode, JCJ Ranking and Rewards System has been revised from A to Z . First, the patch 6.1 introduces the notion of series . The series 1 starts on April 12 and will end on the arrival of the next major update, the 6.2. Throughout a series, players will be able to win series experience by participating in any JCJ content. As their standard level rises, players will reap some rewards such as equipment, emotions or character card elements. The most common reward will be the “thy crystal“, which operate as the new JCJ currency. At the beginning of a new series, the player level is reset to 1 and standard level rewards change. However, the acquired currency does not expire from one series on the other, and will allow, among other things, to buy rewards of past series. Here is an overview of the reward obtained at the rank 25 of this first series.

It’s good for us always? Because it’s not over. In each series, there will be seasons, during which players will be able to participate in Crystalline Conflict Ranking games to try to reach the highest possible. There are 6 thirds: Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond -> Crystal. Each Tier will be divided into risers , 3 for bronze and silver, 4 for gold and platinum and 5 for diamond. The Tier Crystal is special and we will come back to it a little later. To complicate the concept still a little, each Riser has 3 Rising Stars . A victory will give you 1 Rising Star, while a defeat will make you fall to 1 star in your current and current tier (it is impossible to have downgraded to a lower riser or tier). To rephrase, it will take you 3 consecutive wins to go to the upper risder , if you were already the highest (like bronze 1), then you will pass you to the upper hold (in this case silver 3). The Crystal rank is special because to get it will have to accumulate “crystal credits” that will be won or lost according to the outcome of each match. All this is very confused, so much so that even Yoshida-san took the brushes during the live. So here are pictures to summarize all that.

The return of Garo

_ “Popular success in Japan, the television series” Garo “is distinguished by its dark aesthetic and his heroes all of metal dressed. The universe imagined by Keita Amemiya offers a rich range of weapons, armor and destroys! Find the Original models recreated withforce details to allow you to drag you fully into the skin of a Makai warrior and discover what makes the success of this worship series! “_

Return of “Garo” equipment, which had already been proposed in the game a few years ago. Aesthetics is… special, but there are some who like! We do not judge you! New rewards will be added, including equipment for new Shadowbringers and Endwalker jobs.

the plague of Ultima (unreal)

_ “The traditional traditional unreal challenge puts this time in honor the master of the Empire, the unforgettable colossus of steel that has failed number of adventurers… We want to speak of the ‘Ultima Arma! “_

Naoki Yoshida announced that new rewards will be available for the Touche-Tour, this mini-game available when you make the unreal challenge once a week.

The War of Song of Dragons (Fatal) (Maj 6.11)

_ “History does not go back to the dishes, as the wandering Méstrel would say, but it is human to think about what could have been… after having fulfilled your destiny on the confines of the universe, and under the impulse Melodious worms from your poet friend, you remember the time not so far away from the War of Dragons Song. Will she know a new denouement thanks to the power of your imagination? “_

Krimson KB Reacts: HILDIBRAND MY BOI!!! - FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure
A new fatal raid appears after an absence of more than two years. This new raid will be quite different from the precedents, and was created by Mr Ozma itself! In other words, the difficulty will be very busy.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of fatal raid, it is far from the most difficult content type of Final Fantasy XIV, some notches above the raids in Sadic mode. It is a very long unique fight that will even put the nerves of the most veteran players with tough test. So plan for time if you want to measure it.

New Tribal Quests (6.15)

With the update 6.15 will be introduced the series of tribal quests of arkasodaras. These quests will be available for combat jobs.

According to the trailer and the demonstration video, it seems that men-elephants engage in hippopotamus race?! The story will focus on bonds and friendship that transcends borders between tribes.

Job Adjustments

First of all, Naoki Yoshida insisted that the changes announced during the live are not the only changes in expected for updating 6.1. The complete list of adjustments will be available in the update notes, just before the patch output. Almost all jobs will be involved in one way or another. But for now, here is what’s already official:

  • The damage of Machinist will be revised on the rise. Among other things, pyro-explosion, outbreak and drill will see their powers increase.
  • In order to avoid too much deviations of damage inflicted from one fight for Samurai , the Midare Setsugekka shares, Kaeshi Setsugekka, ôgi Namikiri and Kaeshi Namikiri will always inflict critical damage. Hissatsu: Kaiten will be removed, and thereby the power powers of this job will be readjusted accordingly.
  • The Snoan Attack of Ninja will be modified and will only increase the damage of the player on the target. But the team buff does not disappear. Rapine will have the effect of adding an Debuff on enemies, increasing all their damage inflicted by team members. On the other hand, his recharge time will remain 120 seconds (against 60 for sneaky attack). Just like the SAM, the power of the actions will be reviewed for balancing.
  • Those who play Black Knight will be glad to learn that the marker effect of the limbs of the dead-living action will bring in addition a “significant” recovery of PVS to each attack.
  • The ardent brilliance action of the Summoner will be incanced directly by the latter and not by the Carbuncle (and therefore its area of effect will be centered on the player).
  • The radius of the mega effect area and asylum will be increased to 10 Yalms for white mage . The effect of tintinnabule may be completed at any time by the player, and heal the trees around the remaining number of degrees.
  • Erudit will also see the survival dogma radius increase to 10 Yalms. On the other hand, the duration of the thesis effect of the screaming bursts of the fluidic thesis action will be reduced to 10 seconds.

Some jobs will see the level of learning their actions slightly modified so that they are “less boring” lower levels. Finally, the team worked to minimize the time during which the characters are “prisoners” of an animation (for example the jumps of the Dragon knight).


Each major patch is also an opportunity to bring some minor additions and quality of life. This time, the team seems focused primarily on fashionistas. Yoshida announces the addition of several hairstyles for the hrothagars (the ears are apparently hidden under the hair, if you asked yourself the question).

In addition to a new animation for the umbrellas and umbrellas, a new type of fashion accessory appears: the glasses.

Another much requested change of players, adding 5 mirage plates in addition (for a total of 20), as well as the ability to use these plates to change your mirage in any sanctuary (NDLR: any place with An ethereal to teleport you).

Finally, dreamlike dreams will allow players to try the mirages for sale in the cash-shop at stake. For this, you have to go to an inn room, and the option will be available by interacting with the bed. Note that if you can individually try the elements of an outfit, it will not be possible to buy these mirages from the game.

A new series of quests will be available for players who have completed the Five Endwalker’s role quests. Unlike its equivalent in Shadowbringsters, these quests will include phases of fighting. You can also see extracts in the trailer!

Patch Calendar 6.1

Like all content will not be available from the implementation of the update 6.1, here is a brief summary of the key dates and associated content.

  • 12 April, 6.1:
    • Epic Newfound Adventure, including the new instantiated dungeon
    • Final repairs (extreme)
    • The plague of Ultima (unreal)
    • Alliance Raid, The Erzean Myth
    • New JCJ mission, Crystalline Conflict
    • Playing grounds in the residential area of empyrea
    • Character card version beta
    • Compendium
    • New reinforcement system for epic dungeons 2.0
    • Return of collaboration with Garo
    • Overview
  • 26 April, 6.11:
    • The War of Song of Dragons (Fatal)
  • 6.15 (usually 1 month after the patch, date to be confirmed):
    • New tribal quests of arkasodaras
    • Hildibrand, the return
    • Special Impairment Orders
  • 6.18 (usually 2 to 3 months after the patch, date to be confirmed):
    • Travel between data centers
  • 6.1x (date to be confirmed):
    • New series of quests on omega
    • New series of quests, tarabacture

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