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There are great news for those who want to share the Game Pass together with the family or acquaintances. According to a Windows Central report, Microsoft is planning to introduce a family option for the Xbox subscription, which can be set up for a contribution payment up to five USER accounts. So far, the Game Pass could only be used only by the Xbox account under which the subscription was completed.

So the family plan could look like for the Game Pass

Who uses Streming Services like Netflix, knows how a family subscription works. For a higher price you can set up several accounts with just one subscription, which can access the service. These are the advantages:

  • Several users can use the service at the same time and on different devices.
  • The respective own Xbox accounts can be used – this is important, for example, for the individual gamerscore.
  • All can manage your games themselves and create their own storage data.

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What about the competition? Nintendo Switch Online already offers a family option. On the PlayStation there is no such option for PS plus so far.

Therefore, the Game pass has no such option: The problem at a family subscription are the distribution rights that Microsoft secures for Third-Party games. If multiple accounts can be summarized under a subscription, the payment of the publishers must probably be regulated.

Here you will find the current Game Pass Lineup:

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When should the family option come and how much will you cost? “In the near future” Microsoft should integrate the family subscription. That sounds like it could be ready in summer or autumn.

There is no information for the price. Of course, this will be cheaper than five individual subscriptions. If one takes advantage of comparable services, the family plan for the Game Pass could about twice the cost. Also unclear is whether there are individual family options for the Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Game Pass, or if only one option is offered.

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Can the system take advantage of?

Companies like Netflix fight again and again, on the other hand, that several people combine for a family subscription, just to push the price, but not belong to a family at all. The question is how Microsoft will handle it. Theoretically, it should be possible for five Game Pass users who have so far have their own subscription, in the future, for a significantly lower price together a single subscription. Unless Microsoft builds any lock here.

Would you welcome a family plan for the Game Pass?

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