Smash Bros Ultimate: The tournament in Mexico where the two best players in the world face

One of the most important invitational tournaments returns with a new edition, just as they read it, we are talking about the dolphin Maza 2022, based on Mexican lands, we will move to Mazatlan, Sinaloa to see international size players like Mk Leo, Spargo, Chag, Maister and Glutonny.

What is Delfino Maza?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 – Finale : jour 1
It is an annual Tournament of Super Smash Bros that originates with the eagerness to boost the competitive scene Mazatleca and national, with a very positive response of the community and a great reception, little by little it was gaining the affection of the Mexican fanaticada.

Those who participate?

In this edition it will be counted on the participation of mk leo , # 1 of the world; Spargo , # 2 of the world; and Maister, # 7 of the world. The tournament will also have recognized international talents such as glutonny, # 9 of the world.

A total of 20 participants are the chosen ones, 14 of them received their golden ticket and the other 6 had to earn their place through previous qualifying tournaments to fight for a bag of 50,000 Mexican pesos.

Where do you see the tournament?

The tournament will be transmitted from the Twitch platform into three different languages, through the following channels: Spanish, English and French, transmissions will begin as of Friday, April 1.

The narrators table will have great talents recognized throughout the competitive SMASH scene such as Toon Laguna, Colt, Arath and Chaparrito, one of the creators of content most beloved by the Latino community.

players to follow

Leonardo “MK Leo” López, With only 21 years old, it has since talking about around the world, becoming an exponent of the competitive Smash Bros and forming part of the T1 team, has shown us That dreams are possible based on sweat and tears, we recommend taking a look at their Mains Byleth, Pyra and Mythra that are with those who have caused havoc in different competitions.

Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez, A young promise who is considered the next MK Leo, due to his short age of 16, has hedgeped equally with different players in the world and has managed to position himself as the Top 2 A National level, recognized by its cloud and feared by others is a player that we must take into account with their great skill and consider it a possible finalist for this tournament.

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