Hal Laboratory talks about the future of Kirby

_ KIRBY AND THE FORGOTTEN LAND _ is now available. This title marks the first main adventure of this pink ball in full 3D. Although it is still very early to talk about the future of this character, the Hal Laboratory team, the developers of this delivery, and Nintendo, are open to more games in this address .

In a new delivery of Ask the Developer, Shinya Kumazaki, director of this title, and Kei Ninomiya, producer of Nintendo associated with the last Kirby game, talked about the direction that the series would take in the future. While they did not confirm if the next title will be in 3D, they talked about the possibilities for the series . This was what Kumazaki said:

“This title was the largest project of the entire Kirby series so far. For a while, I felt that we could not launch a main game, but now I am overwhelmed to see that our team’s efforts finally flourish and offer a 3D action Kirby game for players around the world. In addition, throughout this production, we were able to create an environment in which we can assume new challenges with the members of our most reliable staff. Kirby still has an unlimited potential. We hope to be even more wild and free when we believe future Kirby titles. “

HAL Explains Their Behind-the-Scenes Tricks to make Kirby Work in 3D! | Kirby and The Forgotten Land

For its part, these were the comments of Ninomiya:

“In fact, we were concerned that Kirby’s most beloved qualities had to be reduced to better adapt to a full 3D action game. However, once we complete the creation of the game, it became clear that it is a full amount of fun that still feels like Kirby and it is easy to enjoy. That gave me a lot of confidence. This title encourages us to continue creating games that appreciate Kirby’s ‘Kirbyness’, and challenges us to do many new things in the future, both in 2D and 3D “.

Although at the moment it is unknown what direction will take Kirby, The critical success of The Forgotten Land reveals that another 3D delivery will be received with open arms . On related topics, you can check our review of this juice here.

Editor’s note:

More Kirby 3D games, with a greater focus on exploration, sounds like a logical step for the series, and one that many will accept. Now we can only wait and see how well this game is going to this game, although considering that the fiscal period almost ends, we probably will not see such big initial numbers.

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