Skyrim predecessor returns: fans exceed Bethesda around lengths

While Bethesda (hopefully) works on The Elder Scrolls 6, the fans focus on one of the older role-playing games. The huge project that wants to help the Skyrim predecessor Oblivion to make new splendor is already making tremendous progress.

The skyrim predecessor never looked so good

Elder Scrolls fans when Bethesda releases Skyrim for 10 years straight

16 years after the release of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion works fans from restarting the role-playing game. For this, use the Engine of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Now the fans show the progress of Skyblivion ** in a new developer diary. Even if there are still much to do, the results exceed the original clearly.

The video first deals with the revised goblins that can be found everywhere in Oblivion. The fans not only revised their textures here. The equipment of the goblins now also shows how they behave in the fight. In addition, there will be seven different goblin trunks in the new CYRODIIL , which can be seen in tattoos and skin color.

Skyblivion: Developers show the city of Bruma

A highlight of Oblivion and Skyrim are the mighty Daedra artifacts . You will also be represented in Skyblivion again. The developers have donated them unique designs and even special special attacks.

For some Skyrim nostalgia, the developers last show you the city of Bruma on the border with heavenly edge . Important buildings such as the Cathedral and the Palace of the Countess were true to the faithfulness and the guild houses must of course not be missing.

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