Time on Frog Island shows itself for the GDC 2022

Founded by four friends, the Danish Studio Half Past Yellow works with Merge Games on the upcoming exit of Time On Frog Island, a sandbox previously announced as Trading Time and whose exit is expected this summer on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Steam, with a box output programmed in the case of consoles.

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Shipwrecked on an island out of a terrible storm that did only one bite of his proud ship, the player finds himself in a situation more cocheous than alarming. Vital Emergency Point Here, Time on Frog Island is less a survival game than a peaceful sandbox in which the woolling sea wolfer will meet a friendly family of Batracian characters. Him to weave links with these strange aboriginals despite the language barrier and explore the places to find treasures, solve puzzles and find out how to put back its boat into a state.

This new trailer gives an idea of ​​the kind of services that will have to render to the inhabitants to reconstruct his room piece per piece thanks to the universal language that is barter. Depending on the object he team, the player will discover new abilities to achieve her ends, especially run faster, jump higher, fall more softly or catch something with a frog tongue.



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