LOL related NFT? Riot, what is nothing to do with us

Riot Games currently passed through the official website of NFT, which is currently in progress on some sites, regardless of Riot Games.

Riot said, “There is a NFT that has a NFT that has a recent collaboration proposal and skin air drop, and its e-sports-related air-related air-related air-related air-related airdrop, The block chain is independent of Riot Games and League of Legends, and there is no fact that the actual suggestion is nothing, and the actual offer is nothing at all. Also, the event that utilizes assets such as Riot Games’s e-sports tickets is not in progress without its permission. “He said.

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A typical location that is a problematic problem is that a roll club is a place, and the company A.

Metropolitan (famous meta) with the NFT, which has made a partnership with the roll club, has been rapidly withdrawing its partnership since Riot Announcement.

Meta-coating was a question that “RCK and Rolled Cup tickets are available, without the permission of the R. Ring Cup tickets, and that the project was able to specify that there was no relationship with Riot Games, I said that I have not been able to answer, “he said.

In addition, “I decided to continue to promote some doubt,” and I did not export additional announcements on the meta-coating side. ” However, I explained the background of the emergency notice because I could report the official announcement of the Riot, and the holders could damage the holders.

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