How to get a Woodland Egg in Roblox ADOPT ME!

Of all the unique adventures that Roblox uses in its huge portfolio of games, ADOPT ME is definitely highlighted as a special favorite fans. Coming March 17 And he will see in a new update that will try to present Forest Egg in-game item that can hatch one of eight unique pets .

Woodland Egg can be purchased for in-game bucks from March 17 at 9:00 at the Pacific / 12:00 on East time / 16:00 GRINTVICH. However, like other eggs in ADOPT ME, you will have to purchase one at random before you learn what your companion has in forest topics.

Forest egg pets

After buying a forest egg, you will have a chance to get one of the eight pets, each of which has a certain rarity. These are ordinary, unusual, rare, utmost and legendary items. As in the case of other in-game surprises and eggs, it all depends on good luck in the draw.

  • Frog bull (general)
  • Red Cardinal (unusual)
  • Redhead fox (rare)
  • Woodpecker (rare)
  • Pine Cute (ultra-rare)
  • salamander (ultra-rare)
  • Lan (legendary)
  • Hawk (legendary)

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