Elden Ring: Where to turn Radahns Great Rune

After defeating many of the bottom gods in Elden Ring, players get great runes that can give them an advantage if they travel through the irreconcilable regions from which the Lands Between exist. Apart from that, Radahn’s great rune can be among the many runes given to players after they have made it to defeat the legendary hero’s StarScourge Rajahn, as one of the best being considered, especially if you think about Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Complete the near future. But how can you restore Radahn’s Great Rune in Elden Ring ?

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Where to restore Radahn’s big rune in Elden Ring and activates

You can restore Radahn’s Great Rune in the Elden Ring by going to the top floor of walking Divine Tower of Caelid , which is located in the DragonBarrow area, more precisely in an area east of the isolated Merchant Shack Site of Grace. To achieve the area, just jump on Torrent and jumps down the cliff to the gigantic roots. Just go from there to the small platform with a ladder.

Once you are in the tower, just go up the leader until you reach a place with a place of grace. From then on, it is only upwards and with the lift in the upper area. Once you have arrived there, just go upwards until you reach the open area. You can then restore the forces of the large Rune by interacting with the seal displayed in the middle of the area. After restoring the rune, you can activate it with a rune arc that applies its effect until you die.

After activation, the large Rune of Radahn increases its maximum HP, FP and stamina. According to Elden Ring Wiki, players receive an increase of 15% in HP, 12.5% ​​in FP and 12, 5% stamina after activating the Rune.

ELDENRING is currently available exclusively via Steam for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can view our review of the latest epic of From Software.

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