Total was: Warhammer 3 – Strategy Guide for Nurgle

In this article for Total War: Warhammer 3 you learn:

  • General Tips for the campaign gameplay of Nurgle
  • As the epidemic mechanics in detail works and what it is all about with the five recipes
  • How unholy manifestations and cults work
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the different Nurgle units and how you used best

Nurgle is one of the most unusual, exciting, but kompliziertesten fractions in Total War: Warhammer 3 – the new strategy hit from Creative Assembly. So you still get along quickly, we’ve put together this Nurgle guide for you.

Who plays hot just, we recommend advance our 10 tips for a perfect start. You are still busy with the human factions? Then take a look at our guide for Kislev players and our strategy guide for Cathay player.

Nurgle Leader: Ku’gath disease father

Unlike the fractions Kislev or Cathay stands at Nurgle only a legendary Lord to choose from: Ku’gath disease father, also called the Rotting smallpox makers. The massively obese behemoth can be transported through the area on a throne of Nurglingen, is always looking for the perfect disease and starts in the center of the map in the province “The cliffs of death.” Its provincial capital contributes to, at least from Nurgle perspective, very aptly named “The Sunken sewer”.

Group effects

  • Growth: +10
  • To 35 percent reduced recruitment costs Nurglinge
  • Nurglinge start after their recruitment already with a 40 percent bonus on their health

NURGLE FACTION ESSENTIALS | Total War: Warhammer 3 (Ku'Gath Campaign Gameplay, Mechanics & Tips)

commander effects

  • If the army of Ku’gath improved with a disease, fall for it 50 percent lower infection costs to
  • In the local province, the commander is currently located in the Nurgle corruption rises by two points
  • The army commander has spread increased by 15 per cent chance of a plague

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Tips & Tricks for Nurgle player

power you quickly familiar with the disease mechanism

The single most important Nurgle capability is to spread diseases that damage the enemy, but bring benefits to your own armies and settlements. To brew a disease, you click first on one of your settlements or armies, then click the plague cauldrons icon on the bottom right in the campaign map navigation menu.

Now decide for one of the five basic diseases and reinforced this with up to two symptoms. The latter are either enabled in the technology tree or in that its base a predetermined disease spread a certain number of times. To use, for example, the symptom “bilious flatulence”, you have the basic disease “paralysis” spread 50 times. To unlock the other hand, the disease symptom “fever” The first step is to explore the “high Contagious” technology.

Payment is brewing a disease with Nurgle specific resource infections (represented by a flying symbol) that ye among other things, looting, robbing and tearing down of settlements, the spread of disease on the campaign map, hatched prisoners and certain buildings deserved.

Keyword Building: Since these are special important to accumulate infections quickly in the initial phase, you should in all your settlements a Nurgle-nest build and this gradually until Nurgle thicket high levels. Tip: Which factors you currently collects infections, you see, when you move the mouse on top of the image on the fly icon.

Widespread epidemics continuously and systematically

Thus epidemics reach their full potential, you should unleash continuously taking care specifically on what effects fit the situation best. For example, there are several enemy armies on your territory, is “fever” is a good choice, as this all enemy units that capture the epidemic, suffer wear and their range of motion is reduced by 25 percent.

Strengthen then could you your choice, for example, with the symptom “sores”. This reduces the losses -gain rate in infected opposing armies by seven percent. Is an enemy siege imminent, however, the symptom “pestilence” does good service as infected besiegers thus receive 35 percent wear.

But also in the upcoming battles grants the work of epidemics (which then skip in action directly on the enemy) practical bonuses. For example, if you put your army with the “paralysis” plague, the melee attack decreases of contaminated opposing units by four points. If you add “limbs”, the speed of enemy infantry decreases by ten percent.

Whether an opposing army or settlement is already infected, in the meantime, you recognize on the green, slow genum ascending skull symbols . And what do if you do not want to wait until a plague has crossed by a separate army or settlement on the opponent? In this case, you congress for 100 infections a epidemic cultist and sends it to the desired destination.

Learn all recipes and strategically uses your bonus effects

Away from the basic diseases and the combinable symptoms only only five so-called recipes are available. They complement the combination of basic disease and symptoms for additional bonuses. The following applies: For all recipes, Nurgle corruption in the local province increases by another four points. In addition, the seifens duration holds five rounds longer and the chance of disseminating the disease increases by 15 percent.

Which recipe is unlocked and what additional bonuses (offside the already mentioned) will result in the following overview:

Recipe Unlocking requirements and basic effects of the recipe Additional effects
The fever Penuche: Fever / Symptoms: Slimy thin vibration and pestilence Experience per round: +100 / loss reinforcement rate: + 35%
Black Pest Plague: pusblinen / symptoms: blowing bush and watery eyes Income through robes and plunder settlements: 250% (local province)
Green smallpox Potion: Pox / Symptoms: Difficulty and seizures Growth: +50
Shaking Fever Potion: paralysis / symptoms: bleeding ears and galley bloating Magic resistance: -50%
Celebration of Nurgle Plague: Höhle / Symptoms: Legs and Constant vomiting Physical resistance: 20%

For example, if you want the units of an army per round to collect more experience points and heal faster, then the recipe “The fever” is exactly the right choice. If a settlement is given a strong growth thrust of 50 points, then chooses “green smallpox”.

On the other hand, do you have to do with an army full of powerful magic units, then “the shaking fever” makes good services. “Black Pest”, in turn, is the ideal recipe for everyone who wants to tackle conquest field trains. Care: With Costs of 150 Infections (Ku’gath’s Army is cheaper away) Recipes are not very inexpensive especially in the initial phase.

ensures a high loss reinforcing rate

Unlike the rest of the factions in total: Warhammer 3 can only use only players units directly after their recruitment. So you do not have to wait one or more rounds until these troops are available. With sudden chaos invasions or other emergency situations a big advantage!

However, Nurgle players must pay attention to one thing: freshly recruited troops do not have their full unit thickness, so have a only partially filled hit point bar. To maximize the latter as quickly as possible, should you do the following:

  1. Turns off in the skill tree of Ku’gath disease father and other commands as soon as possible “Unholy Toughness” free. This ability is at the sixth position in the lowest bar and increases the loss gain of its army for whopping 30 percent. At the same time, the wound healing time decreases a point. Then work on “Brut of pestilence” to unlock and bring to the highest expansion stage. This increases the loss reinforcement rate by another six percent.
  2. Maintains that in each of your settlements the building “wet creepers (germination)” is located. This ensures a loss reinforcing rate of three percent for local armies and increases twelve percent when the fourth building cycle is reached.
  3. If you want to further optimize your loss reinforcing rate (VVR), also researches the Tumor splash technologies (+10 percent VVR for Nursing), “Sample Collection” (see screenshot top) and “mast name” (+10 Percent VVR for jumper tensioners of Nurgle).

Neglecting unholy manifestations

Analogous to the chaos fractions Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeentech, only only four so-called unholy manifestations can activate and thereby benefit from further, non-underestimated bonuses . The basic requirement for activation is the currently accomplished nurgle corruption. Important: As soon as an unholy manifestation has been activated, it is only available after a longer cooldown phase.

The effects of the individual unholy manifestations can be found in the table below:

Unholy Manifestation Required corruption Positive effect Negative effect Length of time
Epidemic growth 0 Loss reinforcement rate: + 20% (Local Province) Disables the movement of the unit on the campaign card 2 approx.
Blessing of Nurgle 1,000 Chance for dissemination of a plague: + 30% (local province) Disables the movement of the unit on the campaign card 3 Rd.
Exponential growth 2,000 Growth: +200 / recruitment costs: -20% None 3 Rd.
Visitation of Nurgle 3,000 At graduation, in each settlement and army in this province breaks out a random plague Disables the movement on the campaign card until the effect of the effect 3 Rd.

For example, there is an enemy at your border that you have not yet grown, “exponential growth” makes sense, as it is noticeable to recruit new units three rounds. With “epidemic growth”, on the other hand, it brings heavily depressed armies quickly back to the front man, while “blessing of Nurgle” the separation spread massively accelerates and thus new infections generated.

Be still “Visitation of Nurgle”. This manifestation offers, among other things, for expeditions into the Chaos Empire . Or, if your enemies want to massively weaken within a competitive province on a blow. But beware: Three rounds long is the army occupied with this effect then unable to move.

Thinks to establish cults

In the game, the nurgle corruption generated by you grows further. If the corruption value is high enough, a cult creates your faction that you can support in certain settlements by the construction of chaos cult buildings . Has a cult in a settlement established, you may choose from one of four buildings (cost point: 2500 units favor).

The beginning makes the “shelter of the epidemics”. This generates five infections per round . That sounds little at first. However, you manage to build the building in several settlements, resulting in a continuous infection plus per round.

In a similar score, the “refuge of the epidemology” beats. Here are ten infections per round safe, but only if the growth of the settlement is over 200. “Hospice of the epidemology” also grants ten infections per round, but requires a commandant . Conversely, this means the settlement, the effect does the effect immediately.

Especially Fies is the fourth and last cult building type: “Colony of the epidemics”. Once completed, this breaks out a random plague in the resettlement concerned. Our advice for beginners: keep a settlement in which you want to build a cult building, first two rounds in the eye and then decides which building best suits your strategy. In case of doubt, your number is safe and chooses “shelter of the epidemics”.

Who has ignored cults so far and no longer knows where appropriate buildings can be built, first opens the provincial overview (top right of the campaign screen). There in the list “Other provinces” after a red, circular symbol with a small golden staircase look for before. Finally, double-click on the provincial name and you can commission the construction of the cult building.

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NURGLE: All unit types in the overview

The units of Nursle belong to the toughest throughout the game. What else you have on it, you will learn about the following.

Nurgle infantry

  • Nursgings: The only cheapest infantry unit of NURGLE can insert a lot thanks to 8,400 hit points and 20 percent resistance to non-magical attacks and is well suited in larger quantities to make opponent assemblies and for a long time in struggles entangle. In addition, this unit is afraid of opponents, but it itself is immune to it. Due to the ability “pre-recovery” only lens are also suitable for abundance.
  • NURGLE epidemy: These horned beasts are slower than only only, but equipped with armor and swords. In addition, 11,600 hit points ensure that the epidemics do not throw the towel as fast. In case of melee super, against fast remote fighters, however, this unit can only do little.
  • Infripping of Nursgle: mutated chaos warriors with a little convincing melee defense value and rather moderate hit points. To keep a front longer, they are therefore less suitable. Due to the high armament value, however, they are comparatively well protected against floor attacks. For this purpose, a very high running speed, a high guidance value and immunity against anxiety and horror. Best use to neutralize scattered remote fighters or to weaken awesome monsters with armor.

  • Nurgle sublime epidemics: Coins, disgusting monster, which can plug in a lot. His strong melee attacks cause poison damage. The same applies to his ranged attacks, which also penetrate armor. Disadvantage: The ammunition of this unit is consumed quickly. There are also high maintenance costs. If you can afford it, you should still add two of these chunks to the hard core of his top army.

NURGLE: Monster & Animals

  • Chaos Furien (Nurgle): Extremely fast air unit whose melee attacks cause poison damage. Due to this combination great suitable to perform behind enemy lines Hit’n’Run attacks on badly protected artillery units. Although they do not tolerate too many hits, but also applicable in the replacement and also as a vanguard.
  • Nursing epistols: Fats, one-eyed toads, which are surprisingly quickly moving over the battlefield and dismissing confrontation of ordinary damage. Best to place on the wings of your own posing and then use the flanking maneuver at the right moment. So to speak the light cavalry of NURGLE.
  • Mace of the Nurgle: makes your name all honor by leaving a greenish slime track on your route over the battlefield. Come in contact with enemies, reduces their attack and movement speed. Clever strategists use the mucus tracks to hinder ridding armies at an early stage. Thanks to high arms strength (300) one of the best units to inflow armored enemies. Can also heal itself thanks to regeneration.

  • Faulflying: Unlike the two-to-fly chaosuria, the attacks of the lazy flying cause armor-penetrating damage. In the pulk for armored cavalry and air units therefore quite dangerous

  • breed of Nurgle: Monstrous Infantry who never flees in battle, a line that is until the bitter end to defend. The high strength of arms value of poison damage-causing convinced weapons.
  • Plague Rider Nurgle: Basically a plague toad with riders, the extra damage taken causes and provides better leadership value. Those who want to replace later in the game Plague Toads with disease riders, but should retain the high maintenance cost of this unit in mind. Therefore preferably intended for the best armies in their own army.
  • disease Drone of Nurgle: advanced version of the lazy fly. Has more hit points and is the lazy fly superior melee defense and weapon strength also in terms of leadership, melee attack. As is true with the disease tabs: To replace septic fly in a big way against disease drones, you should first create a strong financial cushion.

  • Great Unclean: flabby disease caused colossus with a weight value of 7000, the massive, armor piercing destruction, horror and causes his opponents served poison damage. Has various magic attacks, especially “power of the rot”, which is equivalent causes a whole range of debuffs when wounded. In short, a formidable fighter who devours but quite a bit of maintenance.

Nurgle: Monster & animals with bullets

  • Landing the vanity of the Nurgle (skulls): Have the exact same values ​​as the scandal tension, points in contrast to these but still with armor-penetrating ranged damage.
  • Seelenzermalmer (Nurgle): One of the best Nurgle units, especially due to its abilities, from a high distance powerful ranging attacks. With two to three of these monsters, editing elite units of the opponent can be noticeably weakened before they reach the front at all. But even in nearby, these fallen demons leaves a very good figure and cause powder damage on top of that.

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