How to get a golden way in a triangle strategy – Hyde in the ending

Given the number of choices presented to you in the triangle strategy, it is quite natural to be nervous about whether you are doing the right elections or not. And your fears are not allowed. In fact, there is a so-called golden route in the game – or the path for which Sinea should go, if he wants his beliefs to be strong enough to overcome the brewing conflict.

Here’s how to do it:

  • In Chapter Seventh Either hand over Roland, either leave the village of Wolfforta untouched when you meet with Avulora.
  • In Ninth Chapter Select the delivery of goods.
  • In Chapter 10 Open the Personality of Roland.
  • In Chapter 11 , Protect Rosel. During the study of the village Rosellan, talk to Frederica and log in to the house of the Old Town to find the “key”.
  • In Chapter 15 Return to Castle Wolffort.

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Doing everything right, you will open a new way in Chapter 17 .

For all other branches, your choice will not affect the end. However, they will affect the complexity of the upcoming battles, the conviction of which will strengthen, and on the type of people you can recruit.

In addition to the true ending, by default, you can go three more. A difficult choice should be made in all of them.

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