“Sky Rim Grandma” of 85 years old is a cerebral infarction-Currently, in rehabilitation with the aim of returning

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Sky Rim) ” Live Play Video Annual 85-year-old SHIRLEY CURRY , which was attention from around the world, from the cerebral infarction that happened during sleep I revealed that it was recovery.

Shirley Curry: The Gaming Grandma Documentary Trailer | Gameumentary
SHIRLEY CURRY is a game real condition YouTuber known as “Sky Rim Granma”. She has been active in Youtube from 2015, and he was a global celebrity in the live play of “Sky Rim” that started uploading to the same year. She has decided to appear by Curry’s latest “The Elder Scrolls VI” by Bethesda Softworks officially, and has been acting beyond the real-party frame, such as a follower MOD for “Skylim” between her fans. Show me.

However, in the delivery of February 28, Curry confessed to the viewer who has developed cerebral infarction during her sleep, and she said, “She hardly remembers how to play” Sky Rim ” I convey the current situation. But she left “she wanted to play the same work”, and she at that time she said that she feels fear while feeling fear, saying fear, and praying for improvement by therapy doing.

Then Curry has regularly updated her videos, and she gave a bouquet of bouquet of vessi, and she also said that “they are very proud of the Bezesta”. In her latest delivery, she enjoys “she wanted to play” I want to play “I want to play” Sky Rim “, so I can see that her rehabilitation is going well.. She is loved by fans around the world and I pray for a quick recovery of “Sky Rim Grandma”.

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