Twitch will now prohibit those who frequently propagate “harmful disinformation”

Twitch announced this week some updated guidelines within its spam policies, scams and malicious behavior that will be equivalent to prohibitions for those who often share what is considered “harmful harmful information”. To help determine what is damaging erroneous information and what is not at that level, Twitch said it was associated with “more than a dozen researchers and experts” to better understand the spread of erroneous information. Some specific criteria have also been established to govern situations in which someone should be prohibited.

The updated guidelines were shared in a publication at the contraction site where everything related to safety in the transmission platform is analyzed. For those concerned about the ban on your favorite streamers for making an improvised comment that turned out not to be true, Twitch assured users that new policies will probably have no effects on most streamers and, on the other hand, will be directed to those whose «Online presence is dedicated» to share erroneous information frequently.

«Before continuing, we must leave a clear thing: it is likely that this update does not affect you or the transmitters you love on Twitch,” Twitch said. “Our goal is to prohibit people whose online presence is dedicated to disseminating false and harmful information use twitch. We will not apply the unique statements that contain erroneous information ».

As for those who will run the risk of being banned, Twitch has established three different conditions that must be fulfilled before someone is banned by disseminating harmful information. Streamers must be persistent in their misinformation efforts, should share information that is “widely refuted and widely shared” and should discuss “harmful disinformation” issues including, among others, conspiracies that promote violence. It seems that someone’s efforts would have to be quite atrocious to fulfill all these prohibition requirements, so it seems that Twitch was exactly saying that this will probably not affect most streamers that people look frequently.

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Twitch closed its publication by saying that harmful misinformation was not exactly an epidemic on the platform at this time, but recognized how quickly that kind of thing can come out of control.

«While harmful disinformation does not currently prevail on Twitch, we understand that it can evolve very quickly and we will continue to consult with experts to ensure that our approach to slow down your potential damage is effective, as we do with all our security policies on Twitch,» The publication.

Twitch also recently updated his guidelines related to user names, which caused many people to change their names.

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