All locations Mokoko Seed on Meteors in Lost Ark

Of all the items of collecting in Lost Ark, the seeds are wet. In the game of their more than 1000 hidden in each secluded corner. Find all small green seeds may be a difficult task.

On meteors there are three MOKOKO seeds can be found. Meteor is a small island, the only purpose of which is to provide the players a secluded place for mining. As soon as you find seed, just come to him and interact with him to gather it.

Where to find all seeds Moqoko on Meteor in Lost Ark

There are no enemies on Meteor, no events, which makes the collection of seeds mocochny and carefree.

Lost Ark All Meteora Mokoko Seed Locations

Two of the three seed meteors are in the hidden passage for the exchange of mining. We marked the place of passage to the icon Golden Star .

The third seed is well hidden in the bush. Just come down to the top wall area, and you will quickly find the wet seed.

To get additional help in finding madness of the wet seed, check out all the locations of the wet seed on the island of the lullaby in Lost Ark in the players on the game for professionals!

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