Sandbox, Cube Entertainment and Meta Bus Business Partnership

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\ – More sandboxes and cubes enter, partnership metabus business area expansion

\ – K-Culture composite cultural space through large-scale land of Cube Entering Cube Enter

Metabus Gaming Platform “The Sandbox” and Cube Entertainment (Cube Enter) (Cube Enter) is located in Cube Entertainment office in Cube Entertainment in Seong Soo-dong, and it was announced on the 2nd that it has entered into a virtual space operations and digital asset development partnerships.

The convention ceremony has attended the Sandbox and the Major executives of the Sandbox and Cube Enterers, such as the Cube Enter Kang Kang Kwon and the Ewen Representative of the Cube Enter Kangwon Kangwon,

With this partnership, the more sandboxes and cubes enter will attract various companies that can lead to Korea’s culture in the meta bus of the sandbox, as well as K-POP as well as K-POP, as well as K-POP, am.

The first step is to create a K-Culture composite culture space in the land of Cube Entering in a more sandbox. When a block chain based on the Cube Enterland, the worldwide users can easily experience a variety of Korean cultures in the virtual space.

To construct the K-Culture complex culture space, the sandbox is responsible for technical support for spatial planning and implementation, and Cube Enter is currently partnership with various companies in Korea and prepare quality content. In addition, the participation of cube enterprises for promotion of the space is also scheduled to be involved.

Sevastian Borje, a co-founder of the Sandbox, said, “Cube entertainment has been ahead of the open meta bus to the open meta bus through the Sandbox’s K-Culture Hub” “Major Kpop I hope that the label’s local brand and partner content are actively informed by actively informing the presence, “he said.

Cube Entering the Cube Anteri said, “Through a partnership with a partnership with a more sandbox, it played a pioneering role in preaching Korean culture in a space that is the center of the fourth industries.”

“In the future, K-Culture, the ‘Korean Culture’ itself will have a stronger strength in the global market. We are preparing to introduce global users in a new space called the metaverse of Korean culture with great potential. Currently, we have signed partnerships for various domestic companies and more sandboxes in the Korean composite culture space, and our efforts have been expected to create a breakthrough K-content. “

Meanwhile, the Sandbox’s parent company Anemokabos Brance is only K-POP, with the goal that many business alliances are continuing in many meta buses, including the Sandbox, such as the Sandbox, You plan to promote the whole K-Culture as a global business.

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