Destiny 2: Zavala also states in queues

The queues to the release of Destiny 2: The witch king not only the normalos spotted, showed in the hours of the launch, among other things, someone who plays a role in Destiny even.

Zavala Meme

Among other things, the actor Lance Reddick is known from some old ones such as up-to-date Godzilla films and from the Mystery series fringe. Nowadays, most people with action film affinity as the silent and helpful receptionist Charon from the John-Wick films with Keanu Reeves in the lead role. Reddick has been a member of the vanguard since the Destiny Saga has been a member of the Vanguard, Namely Commander Zavala.

Surprising: Reddick does not play Titan!

Lance Reddick is not only Zavala, but on top of that even a delighted player of Destiny. Accordingly, he also stuck to the launch of the new extension the witch king in the queue and commented in a video he shared at Twitter.

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What the one or the other player is surprised: Reddick does not play a titanium as a main, as his Zavala role suggest. No, instead, Reddick is great warlock fan – right now!

If you have problems with game crashes , then it could help you turn off HDR (PS4 and PS5) or disable apps that optimize the performance of your graphics cards or fans (PC). Known mistakes with Destiny 2: The witch king, such as with the overload artifact mods, you can also read here.

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