Blade Runner: Black Lotus arrives at HBO MAX in March

After last year its first season will be released at Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, Blade Runner: Black Lotus is finally ready to jump to other streaming platforms. Specifically, HBO Max confirmed that this series will be arriving at the service next March.

HBO Max Recently published his list of premiere for next month, and inside her we can see that blade runner: black lotus has a scheduled release date for the March 14. ** Listing mentions the arrival of his first season to the service, so it is easy to assume that we can see all his 13 chapters.

Although their creators have not confirmed the existence of a second season, it is somewhat evident that there are plans to move forward with this story by the way in which the first part ended.

BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS | Official Trailer | adult swim

Editor’s note: BLACK LOTUS is genuinely good, and Blade Runner fans should definitely take a look. Maybe it’s not at the same level as movies, but it’s not a mess as perhaps many people assumed.

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