A puzzle game where a unique system is a habit! Play a new RPG “Alice fiction” that Wonder Planet hands!

New work RPG for iPhone / Android handled by Wonder Planet. This time, prior to the release, I was able to participate in the prior play of this work. In this article, I would like to deliver the attraction of “Alice fiction” and the game system, and the impression you played.

※ The contents of the article are in the development stage. The official version and the contents may differ.

# What game is “Alice fiction”?

“Alice fiction” is a new RPG for iPhone / Android handled by Wonder Planet. ** A unique world view is attractive, and music and game systems matched to the view of the world were felt that it was finished in a novel and close beta test stage.

In this article, I will introduce the attraction of such “Alice fiction”, the game system, and the part that I thought is particularly interesting.

# Pulled into a unique view of the world!

The story of this work is set for errors when logging in to virtual space [alice], and starts with a scene that loses memory. Immediately after the start of the story, the girl “Minato”, who gave her sister, is taken into a monster who suddenly appears from the monster that has suddenly appeared. In order to rescue her Minat, she is a story of a black-haired girl “Neu” and a story to be investigated.

What kind of story will be developed…. There is a big potential to become a spoiler than this, so if you want to know the details of the story, please check it with your own eyes. There is no doubt that it is drawn into a unique view of the world.

In this work, the story will be developed with a full voice. It is likely to be able to proceed with the feeling of looking at the animation, and you will be able to enjoy it even if you are not good at reading letters . Thanks to the full voice, it is one of the attractions of this work that can be put into the world of “Alice fiction”.

# Novel puzzle will be a shit!

The puzzle of this work has become an innovative system that has never been ever since the colored panel flows from the left. A panel is generated by tapping the panel and connecting three panels of the same color. The skill panel can be activated by the character, and It will be the capture method of this work to create a skill panel, excluding the panel of the disturbing color. .

It was a puzzle of a rare game system and I was able to play with a fresh sense. The feeling that has never been so far will be broken and you will play long time. Is it not the attraction of this work that lets you taste such a sense?

Also, since the color of the panel to be flowed next is also displayed at the upper left of the lane on which the panel is displayed, the quick judgment and the momentary power will be very important. The limit time, the number of turns, the number of taps is limited, and it was possible to play while enjoying a sense of tension.

It is difficult to advance to the battle that it is difficult to advance the battle and felt a puzzle that challenges the head full rotation by just tapping.

This work is a cluster of clearing that the color is aligned. Although I explained above, it is a very important game to promote the battle while eliminating the disturbing panel. ** Quickly tap and align the same color panel, and the exhilarating feeling of the moment you hit the skills can not be said that it could not be said.

Of course there are attributes that are the best part of the puzzle game. You need to check the enemy’s attributes and choose the character at the time of party formation, and to attack with an advantageous attribute as much as possible.

As you proceed with the game, the system called support command is also open. This support command causes the gauge to accumulate by breaking the panel, and When the gauge has been accumulated, it has become a specification that activated randomly from among the multiple skills . All skills can rotate the war situation, and it became a strong friend of the quest capture.

This work has been highly completed with skill animation and was finished with very good appearance. There was also an original animation on each character, and there was also a pleasure to find your favorite anime show .

You can skip production, but don’t skip and enjoy it. By looking at the animation, you can enjoy it in the world’s view of the world. I hope you enjoy all the animations of this work.

# Develop characters with various enhancements!

▲ 上 A level of orthodox character raised. You can raise the level to the player’s rank.

This work can foster characters in various ways. First of all, the level of orthodox characters raised. ** By raising the player’s rank, the upper limit of the character level has also been increased.

If an enemy that can not be defeated starts to appear, it may be good not only to raise the character of the character but also to raise the player. I was able to feel good for the specification that became stronger with the player, not getting stronger at a stretch.

A Puzzle Adventure Game Where YOU Control the Earth! - Carto

▲ ゲ Get an experience value on the result screen. The level of the character is not only the item.

In this work, you can earn the character’s experience value by clearing the quest. Even if the item is exhausted in the game early stage, it is a very saving system that can foster characters. If the item is exhausted, it will be important to change the quest with an experienced efficient efficiency .

▲ Extensions that can bottom up status with items. The status can be raised more and more by filling the board.

The character development of this work was also confirmed that the function of expansion. ** Use items to fill the board, and a development method that raises the character’s status. When all the extensions are completed, the board can be gradeed up and moved to the next board.

The more you raise the grades if you raise the grade, so it’s a way of strengthening the authors be taken care of at the beginning of the game. Everyone also wants to remember how to enhance this extension. I felt quite important in promoting the game.

▲ 上 A level of skills with characters. We will compensate for the skills that are lacking in level and advance combat.

It is also possible to strengthen the skills of the character. By using the item called Capap, the effect of the skill can be increased. Each character has crash skills, active skills and passive skills . Since any skills are important in battle, it is necessary to strengthen your skills without forgetting. The skill level is a specification that can only raise the number of characters with the character’s level, and it will remember that the player rank is important here.

I was often helped with Active Skill’s HP Recovery. If you get stuck in the early game, it is important to extend fire power, but it can be said that it is also important to prevent ally with HP recovery.

Awakening to raise ★ character ★. It is also the attraction of this work to give up to all characters ★ 5.

The characters of this work can be awakened to ★ 5. You can wake up by collecting items called mania of the character you want to awake. The manian acquisition method can be exchanged with a manian medal that can be acquired when the character suffered from ** Gacha. It is possible to acquire mania even with underground medals that can be acquired by playing undergrounds. There were various ways to obtain mania, and it was an environment that is easy to awake.

Exchanging with manian medals is a kind of kind specification that can be exchanged for mania of your favorite character. The remedies when the character suffered from the gacha was fulfilling and I was able to satisfy it. It is one of the best things of this work to wake up and strengthen your favorite characters.

ワ ー ド World Memory that can be equipped on a character in a party organization. It is possible to grant the status bottom of the character and special abilities.

There are also cards such as cards that can be equipped with a character called World Memory. ** Various world memory effects can be found, and we could confirm what to strengthen physical attack power or reduce damage.

World Memory Cost is required to organize world memory. If the character status and type are firmly checked firmly and not equipped, it may be wasted by World Memory Cost . Here too, I can feel the depth of the game, and it would be one of the attractions of this work that can be enjoyed using my head even when parties are assembled.

# A large number of attractive characters appeared!

▲ The image is the author’s favorite Askle Pios. I was attracted to a free smile.

The attraction of this work is not a game system. A large number of attractive characters appear and bring up the game. I particularly liked the image “Asclepios” of the image. Smiling is attractive and taps many times, and it is often time for time.

In the closed beta test, the ** tutorial gacha has also been reinforced. It will be attractive that you can continue turning the gacha until you pull your favorite character. I do not know whether the official version is this specification, but let’s turn it until you can take it out if you can replace it. The motivation of the game changes greatly with a character love, so I’m thinking that it is an important factor.

This work is also prepared for each character, and ** can enjoy the story of each character by increasing favorability. A sense of satisfaction when you know your favorite character’s favoritis and the sense of satisfaction when you know a unexpected one side has become impossible. Good sensitivity could be raised by going to the quest.

By all means, I also want you to find your favorite character and make a favor more and more. You may be able to felt more like your favorite character.

# Music is also a first class!

I want you to pay attention to the BGM in the game of this work and the official PV. You can also enjoy BGM and PV that matches a wonderful match to the view of the world of “Alice fiction” . Of course, if the official version is released, I hope you enjoy the game while paying attention to BGM in the game. The more you hear BGM and music, the more you felt that it was a finish to get into the world’s view of the game.

If you want to enjoy the BGM in the game of this work firmly, it is recommended to attach earphones and headphones. You can enjoy a more realistic, and you can enjoy the game in Norinori. I was able to get an immersive of the earphone than the speaker, so I would like you to enjoy BGM in the game with earphones or headphones when everyone releases.

# Novel puzzle game that has never been done so far!

In this article, “Alice fiction” has also introduced focusing on attractive and game systems.

I felt that I was finished in a game that attracts a player with a novel puzzle system and a wealth of developments, a unique viewpoint of a unique viewpoint. Together with the character, it will be strong, and when you overcome a strong enemy, you can get a sense of achievement that can not be said. ** Since it is possible to taste the feeling that has never been so far in various aspects, you will be able to enjoy enough even if you are not good at puzzle games.

There were a large number of content that can not be opened in this article and a large number of systems that can not be opened in the closed beta test, so it is exciting from now on. If everyone is also released by the official version, I want you to try it, and try to experience a unique view and innovative game system. I’m also looking forward to it.

# Basic information of “Alice fiction”

Title Name: Alice Fiction Genre: RPG IN WONDER METAVERSE Service Course Region: Japan, English Sphere, Traditional Sphere, Korea, Other Global Main Area Service Start Date: USA Planned OS: IOS / Android Compatible Terminal: IOS: 11 Over, Android: 5 or more price: Basic play free (in-app charge) Development, Operation and Delivery: Wonder Planet Co., Ltd. Copyright notice: (C) WonderPlanet Inc. Official Website: https:///alice-fiction.com / EN / JA / Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/aliceFiction_jp ※ Android, Google Play is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc. * The iPhone, iTunes and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. ※ Company names and product names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. ※ The contents of the listed is the present date. It may then be changed without notice.

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