How to win a baby in Horizon Forbidden West?

The best way to combat a klutogogo, as with most machines, is to attack its vulnerable or strong parts of the body. Fanghorn has the main way of attack, and these are their horns . If they are removed, players will be able to turn off all charged attacks and save a lot of health in battle. Players can also be aimed at cord. Resource Containers . This will prevent the elemental attacks.

Information Fanggorn

Advantages and disadvantages

Players can attack cars with various spontaneous attacks. Elementary attacks in the game include fire, shock, frost, plasma, sewage and acid. Fugghorn will be weak to damage from ice attacks. They will also strongly against damage from fiery attacks.

Body parts

Fanghorn has several different parts of the body, and each of them will give different mining and apply different amounts of damage to the machine when attacking players. Parts of the body of a fangy horn:

  • Body
  • Horns
  • Fire canister
  • Canewater canister
  • Container resources


Machines in Horizon Forbidden West will fall out different items, many of which are specific for each type of machines. Some can be taken from the fallen machine, and others will need to be removed (to shoot down the arrow or remove the spear) while the car is still alive. Fanghorn will reset the long list of mining items:

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  • Metal fragments (ordinary) – fall out of the body
  • Blaze (COMMON) – falls out of the body
  • Circulator with a fangy horn * (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • Machine musculature (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • The main nerve of the casual horns * (unusual) – falls out of the body and container with resources
  • Small machine core (unusual) – falls out of the body and container with resources.
  • Braided wire (normal) – falls out of the body and container with resources
  • Metal bone (rare) – falls out of the body
  • Durable rigid plate (ordinary) – falls out of the body and container with resources.
  • Klyopod rog * (very rarely) – falls out of horns
  • Blaze (COMMON) – falls out of Blaze Canister.
  • Cleaning water (unusual) – falls out of canisters with cleaning water.
  • Explosive paste (rare) – drops out of the container with resources.

* Production items marked with an asterisk fall exclusively from the Tideripper machine.


In Horizon Forbidden West boilers allow the players to override the machines inside this boiler after they completed it. The completion of the boiler usually means passing through the corridors, similar to the dungeon, and a collision with a boss at the end. Fanghorn is part MU redefines the boiler .

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