Vfr Aalen | Scandal trainer fired: Uwe Wolf threatened club employees and actively false statements

The regional design Vfr Aalen has been separated by immediate effect from his head coach Uwe Wolf. The 54-year-old provided numerous scandals at the fourth division.

The VFR Aalen said in a communication that the responsible persons “felt due to numerous both internal and external incidents” forced to this step. To underline this, the club from the Regionalliga Südwest created a long list of missing wolfs.

According to the communication, the 54-year-old threatened the association staff and disregarded multiple clear instructions of the management and committees. Presidium members should also have insulted in writing and verbally. In this context, VFR Aalen also emphasizes that documents and evidence about these misconducts are available.

In addition, Wolf not only logs on the sponsors, he polled them right away. To do this, he damaged the reputation of the club with a “conscious medial misleading” as it formulated. Thus, the ex-trainer called a game laying, though he knew the Corona rules that did not allow the time at that time. There are still club-damaging false statements.

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VFR Aalen: Against Wolf run several procedures

Overall, the 54-year-old must face six ongoing procedures of the Regionalliga Südwest. Among other things, it is about coercion for false statement and a disciplinary procedure. Lastly, the league’s Vfr Aalens court of the league locked him for unportly behavior for two games and put on a fine. Like “Transfer Market” reported Wolf in October 2021 in the away game at the FC 08 Homburg against an enforceable residence ban and refers to a referee as a “schoolbub” in February.

Ultimately, the club found that with Wolf at the sideline no “positive further development of the association, both Vfr Aaleny, as well its effect in public” could be guaranteed “.

Wolf’s former assistant Christian Demirtas takes over the regional leader until the end of the season as an interim trainer.

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