Riedle in the interview: “We have to be careful in Germany”

Haaland: As an RTL expert, you will be pleased that BVB is now in the Europa League. What does the former striker of the Dortmund think about the descent from the royal class?

There are actually two hearts in my chest. Of course, as Borusse I would preferred me if the BVB would continue to play in the Champions League. But at RTL we look forward to that we can now transfer Dortmund.

The Dortmund is required to transform the disappointment over the premature out of the premier class in positive energy. How hard is it to switch the switch?

I believe the topic does not matter now anymore. The players had enough time to process the departure. Now everyone should be focused and know that you can also win a lot in the Europa League. You just have to look at who is still represented in the competition. Barcelona, ​​Seville, Naples and, and, and. These are anything but unattractive names. I expect the Dortmund – and also the Leipzig, whom it went similar – will be 100 percent in the Europa League.

What makes the charm of the competition that seem to enjoy a significantly higher priority in Spain than in Germany?

In Germany, it seems really to be one or the other with the appreciation of the Europa League. But that does not meet the competition. In the stadiums often there is a great atmosphere, for example in Seville or in Glasgow. The quality of the teams is right too. Above all, the Europa League will be like a small Champions League this year.

The German teams are almost traditionally difficult in the Europa League. The Bundesliga could not give a winner since competition 2009 was introduced as the successor to the UEFA Cup. Which explanation is there for it?

It is obvious that clubs did not always accept competition in the past as needed to exist. However, this season I do not have this feeling. Bayer Leverkusen plays a great series so far in the Europa League, as a lot can happen with this young, hungry team. Eintracht Frankfurt has already convinced.

The BVB arrives to win the last missing title in the trophy cabinet. How much does it spur a professional, to know that one can be the first and could perpetuate in the club audiences?

This is definitely an incentive. You burn for successes. Each player dreams of big titles, because the Europa League is undoubtedly. If you ended up your career and shrew back, a title win feels better than loud second or third places.

In the play-offs, the BVB gets to do with the Glasgow Rangers _ (Log Thursday from 5.30 pm at RTL +) _. A good opponent to get started because he has a name, but not the absolute top class represents?

The Rangers are a great club – and the balance of BVB against the Rangers is negative. Since you should not think that you defeat them in passing. Steven Gerrard has developed it very well for a long period of time and led it back to the national top. There, where you believe in my opinion. His successor Giovanni van Bronckhorst builds on it. Dortmund will have to be careful that you do not underestimate the Rangers.

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Dortmund hopes for a Fitten Erling Haaland in the second leg. They used to be attackers themselves: Does it matter whether one shoots his goals in the Champions League or the Europa League?

An failure would weaken Dortmund naturally. With Haaland, the BVB has another offensive than without him – even if you last made three goals in his absence. The reaction to the terrible defeat against Leverkusen has voted. I think everyone knows now what matters.

Is Haaland from his natural to the ideal player for K.-O. competitions like the Europa League?

Yes, just as someone you need, because at this level you can not allow any mistakes and no weaknesses. There is no chance to correct something. Haaland is always fully focused. But the others are now required. It can not be that Dortmund is only dependent on a player. If necessary, the others have to show that it works without him.

They used to be striker himself. Does it matter whether one shoots his goals in the Champions League or the Europa League?

No, it’s all about meeting. So I guess Haaland too. He always wants to shoot goals. And you can see it that way: In the Europa League, he could not leave any traces yet. That may be an additional incentive for him when he is fit again.

The first leg takes place 10,000 spectators in Dortmund. The second leg rises in the full Ibrox stage. Is the backdrop this time an important factor?

Yeah, sure. The BVB is missing something. A full stadium impresses the opponent – especially in Dortmund.

In the last cup final as cup carrier in use: Karl-Heinz Riedle Imago Images / Christian Schroedter

In addition to the BVB, Leipzig also rose from the Champions League. RB gets it in the play-offs now with San Sebastian. A feasible lot?

Yes, but you should not underestimate. The team has quality, she did not random PSV Eindhoven left behind. Leipzig, however, is now back on a different level than in the first round.

RB has won five of the past six compulsory games under the new coach Domenico Tedesco. Did the Leipzig managed the turnaround?

Absolutely – even if the statistics in the past game actually all for Cologne languages. But so it is sometimes in football. This does not change the fact that RB is generally stable again. In Dani Olmo, you have an important factor in the square, Christopher Nkunku is further in outstanding form. Both are absolute different players who help the team very much.

Leipzig denies the season without sports director. Was that a reason for the turbulence in which the club was advised during the first round and ultimately the rapid dismissal of coach Jesse March resulted?

That’s just excuses for me. You would do it too easy. Jesse March had to fight with many injuries, important supports like Dayot Upamecano or Marcel Sabitzer were no longer there, Olmo fell out. If the results are not correct, that’s often set in the head. The coach change was therefore exactly right from RB view to break through these patterns. The balance of Tedesco speaks for itself.

Already safe qualified for the secondary finals are Frankfurt and Leverkusen. Which team from the German quartet owns the stuff to win the Europa League?

Leverkusen I trust – as indicated – a lot to this year. Rudi Völler, Simon Rolfes and Gerardo Seoane make there a giant job there. The team has a carefree kind of playing football, which they are currently successfully launching the square. Florian Wirtz has a superior quality, there also grows a madman for the German national team. In my eyes, Leverkusen would have earned to play the title. Leipzig is certainly a candidate in the current constitution, which could be a long time. But I also trust Dortmund to come far.

In addition to Dortmund and Leipzig, the FC Barcelona, ​​FC Porto and the FC Seville also rose. Also Naples, Lazio Rome, Lyon and Monaco are still in the race. Was it so hard to get the title?

No, as many krachers as this season were rare in the competition in the past. But I expect that in the end, Sevilla will play an important role again. They felt in the Europa League invincible.

Seville was able to win the Europa League six times, sport director Monchi is already looking forward to “football festival”. What do you do in Seville unlike the German teams?

That’s the big question. (lacht) Seriously: It seems like they assume this competition very differently than many competitors. And you just have a very good team, you can not forget that.

When Barça’s offensive comes in shape, they are difficult to defeat.

Karl-Heinz Riedle

Barcelona also expects a lot – and has reinforced itself again despite an immense debt mountain in winter. Among other things with the former BVB striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Barça has stabilized something again. The team is also well occupied if you look at the names alone on your squad. If your offensive comes in shape, then you are also very difficult to defeat in this top field.

The reputation of German football has last noticeably suffered abroad. Can the German quartet in the Europa League score something?

I hope so, yes. That four teams are there, at least offers sufficient opportunities.

The Bundesliga has recently invested significantly less than the other European topligies. Only FC Bayern supervised the group stage of the Champions League. Do you see the competitiveness of German clubs at the highest level endangered?

I think we have to be careful in German that we do not lose the connection. For the Bundesliga it would be important that one holds one or the other great players in Germany. I think about Haaland. To have him in the Bundesliga awakens international interest and attracts others.

Could a Dortmunder victory in the Europa League be an argument for Haaland, to stay one year in Dortmund? Title always deliver arguments. But that alone should not be enough to hold him, I’m afraid. (lacht)

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