Renuevan the Halo series for a second season

The next March 24, The Series of Halo will be arriving exclusively at Paramount +, and it seems that its producers have so much faith to the project that even confirmed a second season. That’s right, Paramount + already announced that this project will continue with a second part, and here we have its first official details.

The news was announced as part of the ViaComcbs Investor Day today. David Wiener , who worked at Brave New World, will replace Steven Kane and Kyle Killen as an executive producer. In fact, it was already anticipated that both kane and killen ** were to put aside the show after the first season.

On the other hand, Pablo Schreiber and Natascha MCELHONE will return as Master Chief and Dr. Halsey respectively. Same case with Jen Taylor , who lends the voice of it to Cortana both in video games and in the _live-action series.

Outside of the foregoing we do not have more details about it, since as I was saying before, there is still a little more than a month for the arrival of the first season so it would not make sense to reveal information about the plot of this second part.

Halo TV Series Season 2 Confirmed!

On related topics, the series of halo could be delayed because the composer of the Games filed a claim against Microsoft and here you can know all the official information.

Editor’s Note: Halo is one of the most successful franchises not only by Microsoft, but throughout the videogame industry. It makes sense that the series was to have many seasons even if the first one did not have very good reception. After all, you do not make a series of this saga only to cancel it after a season.

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