Eve online, update, and event roadmap Road to Fanfest

CCP Games revealed ‘Road to Fanfest’, which is currently working on Eve Online, content, activities, and future updates related to future updates. ‘Road to Fanfest’ has a description of the update method that approaches a more narrative approach in a way that has been updated for each quarterly.

It is an evaluation that the player is expected to be given more opportunities for the players. For more information, see Eve Panpest 2022 will be released. The load map will be disclosed herein:

\ – Add mining adventure as part of new player experience expansion

Eve Online - Battleship buff and much more!
\ – Easy fleet mining work due to improved compression technology
\ – Graphics Update
\ – Structures, Hall of Galances Adjustment and quality of life of life
\ – Returned events: Guardian Gala, Friendship Week and Guri Stars Hunting to February 22
\ – Encapsulator’s Day to start Eve Pan Pest 2022

Roadmaps containing detailed information about updated in the first half of this year can be found on the Eve Online homepage.

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