The open world of Elden Ring was a challenge for fromSoftware

There is no longer a long time for the premiere of _ Elden Ring _, and of course, the community could not be more excited. The idea of ​​having a game of fromSoftware of open world is certainly interesting for many, and although this genre has already been quite explored in the industry, the authors of this challenging adventure did not have so much experience with him, what he represented A more difficult challenge than they believed.

Talking with the playstation blog, Hideta Miyazaki , director of the game, revealed what were some of the most frustrating challenges to which he and his team had to face during the development of Elden Ring:

“There were two great challenges we face during the development of Elden Ring. The first of them was to expand the level of freedom. More than one of our previous games, Elden Ring has a huge open world, so we had to think about how we would maintain our Gameplay style, while at the same time we offer this feeling of freedom. So with elements such as balancing the user’s exploration, as well as the fights against heads and the progression of the player along the adventure, all that turned out to be more difficult than we thought. But we learned many things trying to achieve it.

Another challenge of making an open world was the rhythm with which the player progressed, essentially seeing the way the player explores at his own pace and how it is that factors such as the scale of the game and freedom are incorporated. “

If you were asking you exactly how big the open world would be Elden Ring, because Miyazaki revealed that finishing history would take you around 30 hours, but I repeat, that’s just the content of history and safe that there will be much more to explore within the title.

_ Elden Ring _ reaches consoles PLAYSTATION and XBOX on February 25, 2022.

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Editor’s Note: Undoubtedly, Elden Ring is one of my most anticipated games this year and I think that in the end, fromSoftware will give us another sensational adventure that will surely end up being nominated for this year’s great premiums.

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