Less DMCA Banns? Universal new music

Banns for Twitch Streamer Because of copyrighted music are a greater topic . The rules of Twitch in this context were not always very clear. Most streamers simply did not play music in the younger past no more music or delete all their vods.

Since September 2021, Twitch has been working on a solution with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) to curb DMCA penalties against streamer. The streaming website operated by Amazon says you will be able to examine music-based copyright claims with the NMPA by your side from case to case. This will allow you to pronounce warnings of randomly infringement.

New deal with Universal Music ensures clearer DMCA guidelines

Less DMCA Banns? Universal New Music Treaty with Twitch (2) Source: Twitch Shortly thereafter, Twitch announced that the Warner Music Group has joined the agreement , and now the agreement was still expanded by the accession of the Universal Music Group.

In a e-mail sent by Twitch on January 27, 2022, the company announced that the Universal Music Group has agreed to apply her new music reporting procedure for the notification of unauthorized use of her music on Twitch. Streamer must now note the following

  • Similar to DMCA, the platform will check the messages and check for completeness.
  • In contrast to DMCA, the originators are given a chance to correct their violation by first issuing a warning:

Space Jazz Cafe – The Loyalist (No Copyright Music)
* Vods and clips that contain unauthorized music are removed.
* If a live stream is eclatant music uses such as the repetition of music concerts and pre-published titles, the platform can also pronounce a warning or punishment, depending on how often the author has already practiced this type of use.

Twitch mentioned in the last e-mail that has been transferred to this procedure because the responsible beliefs believe that it acknowledges that not all unauthorized uses of music deserve the same punishment . When warnings and when banns are pronounced, it becomes clearer and fairer for Twitch Streamer.

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