The Moon Knight series will not have a second season

A few weeks ago we had our first look at the series of Moon Knight Thanks to a new trailer, which also confirmed its premiere date at Disney +. Although there are still a lack of two months for your arrival To this streaming platform, Oscar Isaac , who will star in the project, suggested that fans should not wait a second season.

Isaac and Jared Leto sat down to talk about the different entertainment formats that currently exist as part of the podcast Actor on Actor of Variety , and it was here where Isaac revealed the following about Moon Knight :

“I had never heard about Moon Knight before, and that I collected comics when I was younger. He had heard Morbius, but never from Moon Knight. I do not know how the process was for you because it is a movie, and we are doing a limited series. There was plenty of space to try all kinds of things because there was no pressure, ‘we have to generate hundreds of millions of dollars on the weekend of premiere.’ “

Currently, there are only two Series of Marvel who have already received green light for a second season: Loki and What if…?, For what I would make sense that the next time we go to see Moon Knight Sea in his own MCU film, or like Cameo in some other production.

Disney Reveals More About Moon Knight’s Powers In The Show
Moon Knight premieres at Disney + March 30, 2022.

Editor’s note: Moon Knight is definitely a little known character, but if Marvel does well, then the series of him could finally give him the notoriety he deserves. Isaac is a great actor, and surely he will do a great job with paper, we only hope that the other elements of the series are just as good.

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