SPLATOON 3: Does the new trailer subtly show the date of launch with a QR code?

Yesterday a Nintendo Direct took place and during the latter, Splatoon 3 gave a dip and showed us its Salmon Run mode and the novelties that this work will bring. However, this is not the issue of this news. Let’s go back to the second 55 of the trailer. Can not you see anything? At first glance, this image is quite innocuous but, however, if we do in the upper left (right next to 0/15), It is possible to see a QR code .

A QR code that reveals the release date?

Of course, this QR code can not be scanned given its size and the quality of the enlarged image. In Reddit, some users still tried to recreate the QR code or recover it to scan it and, when scanning it, the date of 18 August 2022 appeared.

Could this be a possible launch date for SPLATOON 3? This is somewhat conceivable since the game is scheduled for this summer, as shown in the presentation. However, attention, although this date is discovered through a QR code, it does not have to correspond to 100% with the QR code of the trailer due to the aforementioned size. And if you want to check it for yourself, here you have both.

Taking A Close Look At Splatoon 3 - Salmon Run Next Wave Trailer


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