Lol: Riots sanction to a professional who tried to rust a party ridiculously

The competitive scene of League of Legends can boast of being a relatively clean environment in which we barely find cheats. However, the sewings do appear from time to time giving rise to serious sanctions on the part of Riot Games. The only worse than cheating is to be hunted in the attempt and that is exactly what has happened in one of the European regional leagues. It was specifically in Greece GLL, where a player tried to buy a match for only a thousand euros.

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The sanctioned has been Kostis “Kaba” Georgas, a shooter that when the events took place at the Gamespace MCE orders. According to the official version of Riot Games, the player tried to buy a game in an insistent manner offering a thousand euros to a rival player whose identity has not been revealed one in exchange for being lost on purpose. The proposal that was not accepted in the first place, which derived on the insistence of the player in different digital platforms.

The match in question corresponded to a confrontation before a direct rival in the struggle to avoid decline. The curious thing about the situation, plus the player assessed the player in the maximum Greek competition with his scarce monetary offer, is that Gamespace MCE won the game even if his rivals were not allowed to lose . A turn that is still more if we take into account how little it mattered: despite victory the team had to go to the tournament at the relegation tournament where he finally could ensure the survival of his team in the league.

Although the situation had no effect on the League Beving, Riot Games has made the decision to interrupt Kabas’s professional career expelling it from all the company’s official competitions until the end of the season 2023 . Two years of sanction that will cut any player’s chance of Medar as a League of Legends professional and probably put an end to him’s scarce forever.

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