Roses base work with his team

The voice Marco Rose is good to hear on Tuesday afternoon at the Dortmund district Bracket. Again and again she cuts the cold winter air on the training ground of BVB. Every pass counts!, The 45-year-old calls about the place when his team completes passenger exercises in which the ball played in the right foot of the teammate. In every workout. In every game.

The sharpness is missing

With a few words, Rose describes At that moment one of the main problems of the Dortmund in the past weeks and months, yes actually: in recent years. The lack of sharpness in some games – as recently at the evil cup of Cup at FC St. Pauli -, it is often based on being permanently present in everyday life. And Rose seems will be charged to tackle the issue even more active in the future. At this cold Tuesday, he always interrupts the training, gesturing, corrected, admonished.

So also in the last third of the unit, when it is explicitly reminiscent of absolute basics and predominates what he wants to see about his players. His versions and demonstrations revolve around the right positioning in the ball acceptance – open to the opponent, players and playing field instead of directly to the ball – to the importance of the first contact, the precision of further processing. These are things that should actually dominate every professional in his sleep, which one seems to remember as a coach, but always recall again.

Several regular players fall out

Roses players put the demanded around – and repeatedly hear praising words of their coach. The losers of the exercises, however, must be down on the hard ground and pickups. Donnell painting is sparing, he will take some rounds away from the big group. Others are missing completely: Mahmoud Aloud and Eyre Can and the most recently struck Thomas Meunière and Manuel Kanji are not on the grass. And of course, Haaland did not succeed in Sondheim in the groin area a muscle injury not defined by the club. Optimal is not for Rose. But he knows the problem since he took over the coaching post in Dortmund in summer. Someone is always missing. The focus is therefore on those who are there.

On Yousuf Mouton, for example, whose counselor had beaten on Tuesday via the image newspaper a bit on the drum, because he did not like the operating times of his protease. The Youngster, who had recently braked injuries and must first work hard his rhythm in the senior sector, gets special appeal on Tuesday when he hits twice within a few seconds. Steffen Tinges and Ranger also collect pluses through their commitment.

We will take the pause to train well. That does not matter to us as incidents.

Marco Rose

We will take the break to train well. That’s not so uncomfortable, Rose had said after the Cofferdam victory and announced to put the focus on the defense work and the two-fight guide. It is undisputed that there is a catching demand, is undisputed in the face of already 31 goals in the league. In the unity on Tuesday, which takes more than one and a half hours, his players must always say in the narrowest room to hold the ball in their own ranks, fit him to players. Those whose team is not in possession of possessions, should, on the other hand, are supposed to make pressure to be closely at the opponent, pass trails that do not escape the ball guide.

Things that did not work in Sondheim – and not only there. In the future but should run better. It will be an intensive time, Rose had announced his professionals for the international period. On Tuesday he definitely held word.

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