Hidden Deep: Sci-Fi

Publisher Daedalus Entertainment officially launched the Early Access Phase from Hidden Deep . The Sci-Fi Thriller, which is currently creating the team of Cogwheel Software , can now be purchased at Steam . The players already receive access to many contents, which will be expanded with other updates in the future. Among other things, Hidden Deep will soon receive a online coop .

What’s in Hidden Deep?

The developers are guided atmospherically on film classics such as Alien or The thing from another world (original: The Thing). You take control of the control of four researchers in the game, which are 1.6 kilometers under the sea level and pursuing an anomaly. For example, several employees of a device are disappeared on a mysterious way. In the 2D title you send the researchers to expeditions to learn more about the events underwater.

Our preview of Hidden Deep

We have already thrown a look at the Early Access beta and collected all our impressions in a preview . Of course, you can also view our Preview in video format . The corresponding material can be found here below.


Other platforms for Hidden Deep in planning

At the moment, the Cogwheel software team focuses on the early access phase and sometime the following release of Hidden Deep. So far, the title is available exclusively for the PC . Later, however, a console version should also be added for Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch . However, there is no exact schedule here. From an implementation for PS5 has not been mentioned at all.

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