A new academic document “Sou” of “Dead by Daylight” to distribution January 27th. Fragments of pig or tap detective memory are revealed

Behavior Interactive announced that the next academic book 10 at Dead by Daylight is Sow. This is the first thing that collaboration chapters with movies are added as academic. It will be distributed from 27th.

Dead by Daylight is four survivors who try to escape from the slaughterhouse and an online horror game that defends a match to one murderer who blocks it. The survivors repair the generator and aim to open the escape gate, while the murderer attempts to execute the survivors while blocking it. PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC are deployed, and many updates have been made since 5 years of release.

The main movie Sou of the collaboration chapter is a series work that is said to be a psychosurgical’s gold tower, draws the state of the human limit under the harsh situation. The pig (Amanda), which appears as a murderer in Dead by Daylight, was once a subject of death games for Riggs, but afternoon. In addition, tap detective appearing as a survivor was one of the police to catch Jig sou. Each passed through each tragedy, and it seems that they have been confused in the misty forest. Sow collaboration DLC was delivered in 2018, and academic books were implemented after four years.

In the trailer, which is an overseas game media IGN, Jigs, which is dressed as a doll stands in front of a man and suggests that there is a chipped piece clue. And Your heart can also be a prison in the sanctuary, finally saying Selection is always up to you. Do you have a hint who solves the mystery of the entity?

The academic form is a mission that promotes while acquiring rewards by performing a specific action during matching. In the game, you can choose by archiving, and clearing challenges can be acquired as a reward for Brad points, debris, and magic. In addition, clearing the challenge with icons such as letters can release the character individual stories and know the fragments of each memory.

In addition, it is possible to get rewards such as characteristics, skins, magic, Erik cells, etc. according to the number of chips acquired in the current academic form.

According to IGN, Sow is added as a new academic note, and the player can read the individual stories of the murderer pig, the survivor tap detective. Also, these two new costumes and about 60 types of skins are available as new rewards. The DLC character of the movie collaboration tends to be fewer costumes and skins compared to the original character, so I would like to look forward to this delivery.

A new academic document of Dead by Daylight is delivered from January 27.

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