Shenmue The Animation confirms release date with new trailer and poster

Hence the animation has officially fixed its release date with Crunchyroll and Adult SWIM in a new trailer and poster of the series. Crunchyroll and Adult Swim have been collaborating in a series of projects that have been launched with great success of admiration so far, such as FEND: Princess Pirate and Blade Runner: Lotus Black, and fans have been anxious to see more than one of the Wilder ads from your team, the new anime based on the Hence video game series of SEGA. Not only have they revealed the best look at the new series so far, but they have also confirmed that it is not so far away.

Hence The Animation will be officially released with Crunchyroll and Adult Swim on Saturday, February 5 at 9:30 p. m. PST Crunchyroll will transmit the subtitled version in English from the series in regions of the world outside of Japan and China, and will be transmitted simultaneously in Adult SWIM as part of the Tsunami block. This new trailer and poster of the series offers fans the best vision of Hence’s anime transformation so far, and you can see them below to get an idea of ​​what to expect:

The central cast of Hence the animation has also been revealed (and more will be revealed at a later date), and is broken down as such:

  • Rio Suzuki with the voice of Malaya Maturate (Japanese) and Austin Kindle (English): A high school boy and heir of Suzuki style martial arts. When his father is killed by a mysterious man called LAN DI, Rio begins a trip to polish the martial arts of him and discover the truth behind the death of his father.
  • LAN DI with the voice of Akihito Samurai (Japanese) and Scott Gibbs (English): A high-ranking member of the clandestine Chi You Men organization that kills Rio’s father and steals the Dragon Mirror.
  • Seneca with the voice of Natalie Rial (English): A girl who lives in a rural town in Guilty under the care of her adopted father. Pure and simple, she has a vast knowledge of plants, animals and other natural survival skills.
  • Naomi Kawasaki with the voice of Cat Thomas (English): Rio classmate who has admired it secretly since he saved her from the thugs in high school. Strong and considerate, she usually dedicates her time to helping her grandmother’s florist.
  • Guiyang Chen with the voice of Jeremy Gee (English): Guiyang was born in Yokohama and his father taught him martial arts from a very young age. Since Rio has a similar education, although Guiyang acts with coldness, he feels close to Rio close.
  • Chai — With the voice of Greg Acres (English): Member of Chi You Men. He has a unique condition that allows him to make superhuman movements. After LAN DI has taken the dragon mirror, he begins to look for the second mirror.
  • Wong with the voice of Bryson August (English): Member of Heavens. He admires Men as a brother and aspires to be like him.
  • JOY WITH THE VOICE OF LUCK CHRISTIAN (English): Joy is a young woman who loves motorcycles. She has a business and many trusts him. Like Rio, Joy also lost her mother at an early age.
  • Buying Hong with the voice of Christine Austen (English): The name of a priest of her is Lisa Tao. Although she is young, she is known as Taiyuan’s great teacher. She is always calm, but her clear eyes seem that she can see through the hearts and intentions of people.
  • Men with the voice of Cody House (English): The charismatic leader of Heavens, a street gang that operates in Beverly Hills Wharf. He is obsessed with money and does not trust anyone but in his friends. Men is rival of the Yellow Heads Gang and plans to beat them one day.
  • You NIU with the voice of Joe Daniels (English): While he is the Head of Yellow Heads, You NIU is also part of Chi You Men. To make the trust of LAN DI, he also begins to look for Luanda Zhu. You NIU has a big body like that of a bear, which puts Rio and the friends of him in a difficult situation when they fight against him.

Ensue the animation is officially described as such, 1986, Yokosuka. Rio Suzuki has been trained to dominate the Suzuki Style Jujitsu under the supervision of his strict father at Suzuki Dojo since his childhood. However, one day a mysterious man named LAN DI murdered to his father and takes the mirror that his father was protecting. Rio is determined to find the truth behind the murder of his father, but soon he is trapped in a war between clandestine organizations… Traveling from Yokosuka to Hong Kong, Rio’s long trip begins!

What do you think? What do you think this new look at the debut in the anime of Hence? What do you expect to see from the new series when you are released next month? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

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