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Grand Theft Car soundtrack: Vice City is composed of a collection of tunes that the gamer can pay attention to in numerous musical stations when he drives any sort of automobile. Like the video clip game framework, the music in Vice City is influenced, basically, in the 1980s. After the frustrating video game success, Superstar Gaming released a Box Establish of seven CDs through Impressive Records with all Vice City music distributed In its seven music terminals. Many radio stations supply a combination of songs, DJ talks and parody marketing, all consisted of in the CDs. Each station shows a musical design, trying to evoke the atmosphere of the time in the player.

After the hammer message that Microsoft is planning the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $70 billion, it depends on one or the other. is mainly the already controversial activities CEO Bobby Kick in focus .

After being speculated at first about its professional future as well as the potential severance pays, it is now about a very delicate rumor around thoughts on a certain kind of manipulation.

Bobby Kick wanted to buy Kodak, PC Gamer


The Wall Street Journal recently released a detailed article about the Mega deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. It was primarily about business details and the potential impact of taking over the entire gaming industry.

At the end of the article, however, there is a speech that Bobby Kick has allegedly considered one or more game magazines to influence their coverage regarding Activision Blizzard.

Mr. Kick was worthwhaving to change the public reporting on the company. In the past few weeks he had proposed Activision Blizzard to seek some acquisitions — including gaming publications such as Kodak and PC Gamer. The person who knows him well.

Activision denies report

According to the report of Wall Street Journal, a spokeswoman of Activision Blizzard had denied this claim. G / O Media, the parent company of Kodak, and PC gamers have not commented on the topic so far. However, should something be true on the matter, it would be logically another schandfleck on the vest of Bobby Kick .

This did not give a good figure in the context of the great sexism scandal and had a lot of criticism in his consequence.

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