VTUBER support service “V cutlet” service ends, and we prohibit avatar use. Suddenly the body is lost, and the soul of a pretty girl is likely to continue

Developer IVR announced on January 13th to end the service of TUBER support service V cutlet at 12:00 on June 30.

V cutlet is a service that has been started early access from 2018. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam) / iOS / Android, and VR devices correspond to HTC Five / HTC Rivero / Oculus Rift / Win MR. The IVR, which is the development source, is a studio derived from the adult game brand illusion. As a character creation game, Shiatsu! Etc. are released.

This work is an application aimed at supporting Tuber, and animation, expression, etc. can be performed from 3D character makings. Characters can be created from more than 300 set items such as face, hair, body, costume and accessories. Also, a simple animation setting using V room system and VR headset is also characterized. At the time of writing this paper, the STEAM strike is more than 500, and the status is very popular. It was evaluated that it could be a very high degree of freedom and a beautiful girl.

This decision is explained as it is difficult to provide services that satisfy our customers. The end of service is the PC / iOS / Android version V cutlet and IVR-SHOP. However, purchased Character Tickets can be used until the end of service. It is said that the refund correspondence of the purchased character ticket is not performed.

After the service ends, the avatar created in V cutlet can not be used. Anyway, using Character Tickets to prevent avatars uploaded to the external linkage service Ni cony 3D and The Seed Online can not be used. After the service is ended, the corresponding avatar is required to delete it by the user. Furthermore, it is said that new posts, distribution and sales after the end of service are also prohibited, such as image and video content using avatars of V cutlet. However, before the service ends, the content uploaded to the video post platform or SNS does not require the response such as deletion.

At the time of this announcement, many Tubers are spare to end the service as I used to run out. In addition, Tuber, which uses V-cutout avatars, seems to indicate a puzzle color to the disturbance. In the Citation RT column of the announcement tweet, advertisements such as 3D model production requests for migration after the end of V cutlet are also promoting.

IVR that delivers VR content such as VR Came to the world so far and has attracted topics. What kind of deployment is pointing up after the end of V cutlet ? V cutlet is scheduled to end service at 12:00 on June 30.

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