Fortnite returns to Apple mobiles with GeForce Now: A closed beta to test tactile controls

The judicial contest between Epic Games and Apple has not yet found its end, even though both sides launch knives intermittently. One of the most hurtful blows for the Tim Sweeney platform was the expulsion of Fortnite from the App Store, Digital Store of IPH1. And now it seems that Epic Games CEO has found the way to introduce again next to GeForce Now’s service.

GeForce NOW tactile controls offer more options for NVIDIA players NVIDIA has shared this novelty through its website, where it announces the arrival of Fortnite at Safari (iOS) and the GeForce Now app on Android. However, this possibility is not open to everyone, since Fortnite will go through a period of beta closed in which it will also present a new tactile system that improves the user experience at Battle Royale.

While the PC games in the GeForce Now library are better experienced on mobile phones with a command, the introduction of the touch controls created by the GeForce Now team offers more options for players, starting with Fortnite, explains Nvidia in his release. To access this closed beta, we will only have to register at GeForce NOW ( a payment subscription is required ) and sign up for the Epic Games and Nvidia proposal, which will begin next week .

We were already clear that Tim Sweeney was shaking ties with Nvidia, which has derived to the arrival of Fortnite to the services of the Green Company. Added to this, the web also remembers some games that will land at GeForce Now during this week with a couple of new additions: Supplant Six Inches Under (Steam, January 14) and Galactic Civilizations 3 ( Free In Epic Games Store of 13 to 20 January ). A couple of titles that are added to the catalog along with the rest of the news of the month.

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