Twitch: This streamer is suddenly the new number 1

Hotline Miami 2: Incorrect Number is a 2D activity computer game created by Denton Games, a group composed of Jonathan Söderström as well as Dennis We din. The video game is published by Revolver Digital as well as appeared on March 10, 2015, on Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation Vita. This is the remainder of Hotline Miami. On August 19, 2019, Hotline Miami Collection comes out on Nintendo Switch over and also consists of both episodes in the exact same title.

At the start of the new year there is to announce a change of power at the streaming platform Twitch. There has been a little surprisingly a streamer at the top, with which nobody really did expect. We introduce him to you and explained the background.

Which streamer is currently number 1 at Twitch?

It is the Australian testily. While is definitely not a beginner, it has been active at Twitch for some time. Nevertheless, his current victory train at Twitch is a bit surprising. According to the statistics page, he currently comes to 7,299,807 viewer hours, which is loose for jumping on 1 ranges in this category.

At the same time, there is an increase of 2,719 percent compared to the value from the previous week. On the second place, the Spaniard David There Martínez, which comes to 6,697,341 viewers, rank 3 occupies RTainJapan with just over 5.6 million hours.

Where does the sudden audience thrust come from?

Pestle has made a name for itself in the community of the ego shooter Escape from Markov. This had recently received a tremendous popularity thrust at Twitch and is the most viewed game on the streaming platform at the time of this article (11:40 am on January 4, 2022). The upswing is related, among other things, with a new update and a current discount action.

they thought their stream was off...
From this development, logically, the big streamers benefit, which enjoy a certain reputation in the community of Escape from Markov. Of course, it also includes Testily, which is not on the ego shooter definitely number 1 at Twitch, but now also cross-platform. His youngest peak is at the same time active spectators at 244,422, which also represents a considerable performance.


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