Great streamer looking at Twitch straight series but a warning of catastrophic consequences

Félix Level (French enunciation: [flies lɑ̃ʒɛl], born November 12, 1995), much better called QC or cow, is a Canadian Twitch streamer, web personality, and also previous specialist Overwatch player. Level bet the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League for component of the inaugural period before being released because of duplicated controversy and suspensions. Level has also played in the Overwatch Globe Mug for Group Canada in 2017, 2018 as well as 2019. He currently streams full time on Twitch as a variety streamer for the Canadian esports organization Luminosity Video gaming.

Big steamer such as QC, Myth or Disguised Toast have always watched at TV series in recent weeks on Twitch and reacted live. The YouTube Streamer Ludwig does not find the trend in principle, but warns of the consequences — not for the streamer itself.

What exactly happens to Twitch? For some weeks, the well-known Streamer Félix QC Level looks at Twitch again and again Master chef, a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay. He lets him run in the stream and then reacts live on the events.

From this, a new kind of Twitch Meta has meanwhile formed. More and more streamer watch live TV series with your watching:

DISGUISED TOAST, which moved back to Twitch 2021 from Facebook, looked around Live Naruto with his followers
Mickie in turn has shown the movie Kevin — alone to house at Christmastime
Ali Myth Gabbana last watched on Twitch Yu-Gi-Oh

The show of such series is not permitted on Twitch according to the Terms of Service. It states that only things may be shown for which you even have the rights.

In the past, this already led to discussions about the use of copyrighted music in Livestreams. Some streamers lived in fear of a blocking. Because during the Corona pandemic, the music industry began to send massively copyright complaints (DMCA strikes) to Twitch.

Meanwhile, there is a somewhat semi-hearted and grain with gray zones between Twitch and the Music Industry:

React Streamers have gone too far...

However, this deal does not apply to the show series.

Ludwig warns of consequences for everyone because series are shown on Twitch

Who speaks? Ludwig was 2021 one of the most famous and influential streamer on Twitch. He made his attention by a large sub-marathon and even broke a record that Ninja had set up in 2018.

In December 2021, however, he moved to YouTube, where he was immediately blocked three times because of the use of copyrighted content. He was also deleted because of the change from the annual review of Twitch.

What exactly says Ludwig? In an 11-minute-long video, Ludwig criticizes the look of series sharp. In his opinion, the Reaction streams are out of the rudder and he demands a course correction before everything collapses.

In contrast to previous problems with music, the streamer could not argue that they themselves add an artistic value, says Ludwig. He sees the risk of blocking for the streamer itself, but also a general problem for Twitch:

I think that’s a problem that will not only bite people in the ass that make that, but also all on Twitch when the streamer does not calm down. Many people watching TV shows and films do not even delete their gods. They become a bit foolish. You will be a little too risky.

I think the result is not only that these people get a pat on the hand. There could be much catastrophic.

Ludwig continues to say that there have been big companies that have been based on copyright lawsuits.

He assumes that if a mega company at some point against Twitch for copyright infringements should approach that Amazon simply drops the streamer who violated the rules are simply dropping, rather than risking a greater action.

Mongol expects more Celebrity and React content in the future

What do other streamers say about the topic? Already in December 2021, we reported that the MMO streamer AMMONOID has negatively expressed the development of Twitch.

He himself expects that the content continues to go away from gaming content and more and more towards React and Celebrity content.

Mongol explains why the future of Twitch consists of cook shows and reality

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