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Outer Wilds is an activity journey game from 2019, established by Möbius Digital and also released by Annapurna Interactive. It was first published for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019, with an intended Nintendo Change magazine in 2021. In the video game, the player character checks out a solar system, which testifies in a 22-minute time loop, which finishes when the Sun to the Supernova ends up being. The gamer repeats this cycle frequently by acquiring knowledge he retains and that can aid him in later grinding. The video game was commended by the objection and also won a number of rewards, among others for the game of the year.

New zones and mysteries accompany the DLC of Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye. Access to the area and new mechanics are at the rendezvous, discover how quickly access the new content.

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Access to new log entries

Appointment at the Observatory of Mentions to find the first indices of the DLC. More particularly they are directly on your left in central room of the main building.

You will learn the existence of a certain radio tower always on hearth capable of taking pictures of the whole solar system. It is easily visible in space thanks to its flashing red light.

Once in the tower, you can admire these famous photos and see the presence of an unknown and more disturbing star, which should not be there.

Quest for answers around the probe

Before continuing your investigations, you will need to start a loop again to join the probe as quickly as possible. A few minutes barely passed, and it will be too late.

Attention when you head to the probe, a simple shock with it makes it unusable. It is therefore important to redouble with vigilance and stabilize the speed of its ship.

If when you arrive the probe indicates a Number of less than 40, You are late You will have to restart a loop. Once in the good timing, looking towards the sun a dark task will slowly make its appearance. It is necessary to move quickly

new area, abroad

Inside the stranger, you unlock a very useful log entry. It allows you to identify the location to reach the zone regardless of its position in the future or in other loops.

From the first meters a new mechanism made its appearance, your light can serve as a source of energy and thus allows opening the first door and other mechanisms of the place. This is the beginning of the content of the foreigner, the main zone of Echoes of the Eye.

Many mysteries are waiting for your hero, why this new zone exists, and what are the secrets it contains? We wish you a good exploration.

Solace: all secrets from abroad unveiled (spoiler)

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