Pulse Bis National Museum Culture Foundation and Korean Cultural Heritage

Part, Bis concluded YOU for game content production using the National Museum Culture Foundation and the National Museum Culture Foundation and ‘Korea Cultural Heritage Value and Related Information.

Tokyo’s First World Cultural Heritage: The National Museum of Western Art

The agreement has been concluded to improve the understanding of the public and interest in cultural heritage such as cultural assets and relics, Based on the Cultural Service Planning of Museum Culture Service, which is accumulated by the Gaming Game Development Competition and the National Museum of Culture Foundation, Both companies said that through this will, the world will try to expand their understanding and interest in the Korean cultural heritage.

The National Museum Culture Foundation and the Convention on the Korean Museum of Museum, the Culture Foundation and the Convention, said the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Korea. I will try to do it.

Kim Long-ago National Museum Culture Foundation said, After the Korean Corona, the global market is expanding and expanding the global market in the virtual space since Corona, and the company to build our cultural heritage through this work agreement, And we expect our cultural heritage excellence and cultural value to the world throughout the world.

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