The story of Josef Fares to be the madman of the Fuck the Oscars to win the Goty with It Takes Two

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The prizes have already been delivered to the best of the year e it Takes Two has become the winner of the Got at the Gala of The Game Awards. There are those who will say that it has been a decaffeinated year, which has been lacking great titles. But there was much level, and the game Haze light and EA gave off a bright and originality aura; An adventure that manages to keep you with a smile in the mouth and the embroidered eyes deserves everything, whatever the competition. Now, Josef Fares, director of adventure, has made history. And he has fulfilled his dream.

It may, until now, a large part of the sector, even after the launch of IT Takes Two, was taken to the figure of Josef Fares. Despite the level of the video games he has done in his race, it is inevitable that mention is made to his stellar performance of him at the Gala TGA 2017. Then, practically nobody knew him, and he ate the screen with the star speech he left us all with his mouth open, thinking that at any time the security would appear to take it. The scream of him to claim this awards gala for video games, Fuck The Oscars! Because of the story.

No one or almost nobody knew this guy who planted next to Geoff Microphone in hand. But, the truth is that he already had good baggage in the sector. Had made a few years before the great Brothers: Tale of Two Sons, a game that gives off a special aroma, with a story doubt and a bet for originality for take advantage of the few resources, as it was to use Each of the brother simultaneously, making use of analog joysticks. It sounds cumbersome but, at certain moments of history, that functionality starts in two to your heart.

In those prizes, where he blasphemed against the Oscars, he presented the second video game of him: A Way Out. A cooperative adventure in which we had to try to escape a prison with two prisoners. The collaborative bases of him have served as a basis for him who has been the best work of him, but he also brought an excellent layer of depth at a narrative level, with a threatening final scripting spin. And that clearly denotes the influences of Fares.

Fares was born in Lebanon but, when he was 10 years old, he fled his country with his family due to civil war, taking refuge in Sweden. A hard childhood that marked him on a personal level, and that somehow helped him uncover the creativity of him. Although, before the video games, the passion of him was cinema. In the curriculum of him, the creative has shot five films as director; Most of them under a budget, but with samples of the seal that we have later seen in the video games of it.

Got by it Takes Two is not the first prize he wins. In 2006, media as Variety already took into account the talent of him and mentioned it as one of the film directors to follow the track. And that same year he won the Nordic Council’s film award for his film Zoo.

All the creative content of Fares arises as a result of the personal experiences of him, and that is why he is shows the seal of author that he has, able to convey the emotions of him with fierceness. Movies like the aforementioned ZO talk about the raw experiences of a child who sees how he loses his family and is forced to leave everything behind.

That has also extrapolated video games. For example, the toughest sequence of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, created it for a very hard personal experience. Josef Fares himself tells in the documentary of the game that is inspired by real events, since his mother had several abortions and, in one of them, she asked him to bury the fetus. The Swedish-Lebanese creative was inspired by that harsh experience that he had as a child to make the scene in question.

All this makes Josef Fares a unique type. And you may think that he is a character created to draw attention. But nothing further from the reality than that. A few years ago, after the launch of A Way Out, I had the huge luck to interview it. That closeness that he transmits with his way of being so open, fun and Campeche, is such what in reality. I prefer to live on the street before I do not do what I think, he told me.

I will summarize the way of being of him in a funny anecdote. When in the media we interview this type of personalities, we usually have very little time to ask the creative questions, and the press managers come to whip ourselves to tell us that feared the questions were over. When they came to tell me about that, Fares cut the person in question saying: Do not you see all the questions you have pointed out?. He looked at me and said Come, make me one more. And, in the end, it was not just one more.

He already admired his work, but since then, he has me totally won. We need more people like Fares in this industry. People who speak to us without measuring the words of him, with everything that comes out of his heart.

So, on my side as a medium professional, I know I should maintain an objective position about who should be or not the winner of The Game Awards. Total, I’m not going to take anything. But, after completing it Takes Two and taking one of the most wonderful experiences that the sector has left in recent years, he could only claim the sensational work created by Josef Fares. Because, it may not be a triple A, but it is a game done with affection and values, which uses its resources to take advantage of the word game with all its lyrics. It is an ode to the mechanics of play, to the design of levels and the essence of this entertainment, which is nothing other than gathering people and to live experiences. It Takes Two makes the two things of a sitting. And that’s why it’s the indisputable Got.

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